Hexagram Tarot Spread

Hexagram Tarot Spread

hexagram tarot spread

In a previous post, I shared a Tarot spread that you can use to look at how the energy of each of the eight trigrams of the I Ching operate within your energy field. In today’s reading, I’m sharing a Tarot spread that allows you to dive deeper into the Hexagram of concern after doing an I Ching divination.

The Hexagram Tarot Spread is essentially a variant of The Clarity Tarot Spread, with the addition of cards for each of the changing lines (if any).

Kan – The Abyss

Doubled darkness.
Be sincere and truthful.
Rely on heart and mind.
Prosperous and smooth;
Deeds will be honoured.

29 Kan, The I Ching (transl. by Alfred Huang)

For sample reading with the Hexagram Tarot Spread below, we are working with the Sirian Starseed Tarot. The Hexagram, we are diving deeper into is 29 The Abyss, aka The Pit/Dangerous Depths. Only line 6 (top line) is a changing line.

The 29th hexagram is the trigram Kan (Water) doubled. It’s a hexagram that indicates danger. Interestingly, Kan corresponds with The Moon which is about fear about what might be lurking in the deep.

When I pulled this hexagram for the day ahead, I saw it as a sign to be extra cautious in every way. It’s really ‘Better safe than sorry’ and you’d be a fool not to heed the warning of this hexagram.

Saved by the I Ching

I’m only halfway through the day but I’ve already had a brush with death while out running with my Jack Russel, Teddy. At a bend, toward the end of a bridge we had just crossed, though there was no meeting traffic, a driver brushed past us with only a hair to spare. And that’s with me and Teddy literally pressing ourselves against the stonewall along the bridge.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when say that the I Ching saved our lives today because I would not normally have taken that position for just one car with plenty of space to spare on the road to the other side.

That’s not to say that something else couldn’t catch me by surprise today. So for the rest of the day, I won’t be leaving the house!

Hexagram Tarot Spread – Sample Reading with the Sirian Starseed Tarot

A Tarot spread to help you dive deeper into the details of an individual hexagram after performing an I Ching divination.
  1. The central theme or issue. (On a practical level, what do I need to be aware of with regards to hexagram 29) – Reflection/The Hermit in the context of hexagram 29 The Abyss seems to confirm that staying at home and quietly reading, working or studying will keep me out of harm’s way.
  2. What challenge does 29 Kan present for me today? The 9 of Crystals/Pentacles is very much about paying attention to the details. Thankfully, I did just that on the run. Normally, I’m not that careful in traffic – that’s not to say I shouldn’t be and I probably will be from now on… Because you just never know!
  3. Action advice. The Starseed/The Fool is all about expecting the unexpected… and since the day isn’t over yet, I’ll continue to do just that!
  4. The quint/spiritual lesson (based on the numerological value of the first three cards). The Emperor is all about taking a rational approach in the face of danger. He would carefully evaluate the potential threats and take the necessary precautions to avoid them. He is responsible and has great organisational ability.
  5. The shadow card is from the bottom of the deck and represents a subconscious element that relates to the challenge. The 8 of Orbs/Swords relates to 9 of Pentacles precisely because I have a scattered mind today. Many new variables have been brought in recently due to changes I’ve been guided to make. This has put me in a slightly scattered frame of mind until things settle back down.

Reading on the Changing Line(s)

6. The Changing Line Statement: “Top six has missed the proper way. Misfortune for three years” – We are looking for a practical explanation of what this might mean. The 2 of Crystals/Pentacles is a card I read as keeping my balance in stressful times, as well as putting one foot in front of the other. One misstep could literally have cost me three years of rehab, had I not paid attention today!

Obviously, if you have more than one changing line, you’d pull more than one card. So you would have 6 a), 6 b), 6 c) etc.

I hope those of you who like to (or who would like to try to) combine the Tarot with the I Ching find this Tarot spread useful!

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love raven liora

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