Holistic Tarot card meanings and correspondences for The Hermit

The Hermit

Holistic Tarot card meanings and correspondences for The Hermit

The Hermit (Virgo) corresponds to the Third Eye. The Hermit archetype helps us connect with our inner wisdom through life reviews and acknowledging the lessons of the past. The Hermit then shows us how to shine our light of deep understanding in the world as guides, counsellors and teachers.

As you may well have guessed this is also a card of being alone and isolated. The isolation can be self-imposed but this is not always the case.

The energetic focus of the Hermit card is inner. Perspective is gained through careful analysis of past events. Withdrawal is necessary for this and sometimes we deeply desire to ‘hermit away’ to catch up with ourselves. This is a deep human need that must be acknowledged, especially in this day and age when we are expected to be available 24/7 due to technological advances.

In the Zodiac, this card connects with the energies of 6th House – the House of Virgo. Virgoan energies are concerned with service, employment, purity, diligence, details, health matters, fitness, diet, detoxification, digestion, assimilation, stress coping mechanisms, the healing process and ideas about rejection.

Too much mental focus on these energies generates a lot of anxiety and hypochondria is very much associated with The Hermit.

The highest expression of The Hermit is found in the form of the Teacher. This is the stage we reach on our journey when we have the courage to face our whole inner world and all its worries with compassion and a resolution to heal all that needs to be healed as soon as it comes up rather than to suppress it.

We then become a soothing influence in the lives of others and are able to help them without the burden of a saviour complex – just one human having gone through a tough time helping another still struggling, aware that there’s no telling who will be in need of a helping hand next.


Element: Earth

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Archangel: Mercury and Metatron

Chakra: Third Eye

Colour: Purple, indigo

Crystal: Carnelian, amethyst, chevron amethyst, citrine, peridot, ametrine, aragonite, sodalite, dumortierite (for past life review), gaspeite

Body: The abdomen, large and small intestine, lower liver lobes, pancreas, hands, nails and carpal bones in the hands, the umbilical cord – Virgo influences the reproductive system (barrenness is indicated)

Exercise: Most forms of exercise as long as it is both regular and moderate. Having/designing a routine and setting achievable goals. Recording progress. Bhastrika Pranayama.

Stance: Shoulder stand

Magickal Tool/Ingredient: Owl feathers, flail

Associated Major Arcana Cards (through numerology): The Moon

Associated Minor Arcana Cards: All cards associated with Virgo

  • 8 of Disks (Sun in Virgo). Create order and routines for yourself. Chaotic impulses and influences are detrimental. Healing comes through diligently working on your health and fitness goals.
  • 9 of Disks (Venus in Virgo). Healing comes through pampering yourself and making sure your physical body is loved and cared for properly. Retail therapy may also be indicated. A great card for healing ‘poverty consciousness.’
  • 10 of Disks (Mercury in Virgo). Healing follows when we fulfill our duty of care to future generations. Healing for generations future and past can be invoked through this card. Family curses and negative genetic influences can be overturned.
  • King of Pentacles. Acting responsibly and being faithful in Divine service brings healing. The King of Pentacles is the good steward who makes sure that the granary is full during times of need.

Remedies to increase the energy of the Hermit in your life

  • You can make a tarot essence to harness and increase the energy of Virgo, using the Virgo card of your choice, along with any of the crystals above that you feel drawn to work with. There is plenty of information on the healing properties for each of the crystals available online.
  • Placing the Hermit card over your third eye chakra in meditation enhances your ability to assimilate difficult life lessons and gain wisdom from them.
  • Start a regular meditation practice.
  • Wear dark blue clothes.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Do a detox.

Affirmation: “Divine Service is my greatest joy and blessing.”


  • Go out with friends
  • Give a public speech
  • Wear red
  • Take the day off
  • Give in to desire without shame
  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while just to show them you care


It almost goes without saying that the Hermit often prefers his own company over the company of others but this card still has a rather interesting role to play when it shows up in love and romance readings.

If it describes the one you desire, you may find that they are either too happy on their own or too self-involved to be open to your flirtatious invites. Or it could describe someone who has chosen to withdraw in order to heal past hurts. If the latter is true, they may well come back out to play eventually – surrounding cards will tell you more.

If you are already in a relationship with someone who is going through a Hermit phase, it is important to give them the time and space they need for contemplation. Next time, it may be your turn. We all have periods in life when we need solitude in order to gain clarity, wisdom and insights.

The Hermit can also symbolise a platonic relationship or a relationship with enforced celibacy due to physical separation.

The Hermit personality may not be celibate but his sexual expression is more often than not autoerotic. A phobia for anything ‘unclean’ could be indicated.

Sexually, the Hermit has a shy, almost virginal quality and won’t take kindly to a less than considerate approach in the bedroom. If you manage to seduce a Hermit, you need to realise that his or her greatest erogenous zone is their mind. The words you use will matter and the connection you intend to establish better have depth! Soothe their nerves by building spiritual and philosophical bridges.

The Hermit card as suggestion for sexual play for a couple could include watching each other play. Or it could suggest that you are both better off with a mug of Horlicks and a good book than trying to engage physically on that particular occasion.

Agreed long term celibacy for any number of reasons is another possibility when this card shows up in a reading.

It is quite easy for the Virgoan Hermit to become cynical and choose isolation for reasons of mistrust rather in order to gain spiritual insights.

Being connected to the Virgo Earth sign, the Hermit, although often wrapped up in deep philosophical ponderings, appreciates physical tokens of affection – more than most, in fact.