hugin and munin tarot spread to review your day

The Hugin and Munin Tarot Spread to Review Your Day

huginn and muninn

Hugin and Munin are the two ravens belonging to Odin. Hugin means thought and Munin means mind or memory. These two ravens are sent out into the world by Odin every morning. Before breakfast the next day, they return to Odin and report back to him all that they have seen that day.

Use the Hugin and Munin Tarot to review your day and integrate all the learning that can be gleaned from it. I recommend doing this as a contemplative evening practice in your usual meditation space. Those of you with a connection to Odin may wish to light a candle to him before you begin.

The Hugin and Munin Tarot Spread

hugin and munin tarot spread

Before you begin shuffling the cards and laying them out, take a moment to review the events of the day. Begin with the moment of awakening and walk through the day in your mind. As you do so, write down three events that stand out for whatever reason. Don’t overthink this. Simply go with whatever first pops into your mind as you review your day. For each of these events, you will pull one card each. These are your Munin cards, i.e. what you remember. The Munin card signifies the energy dynamic associated with this memory.

Under each of the Munin cards, pull two Hugin cards. The one on the left tells you how this event impacted you. The one on the right tells you what you are to learn from the event moving forward (action advice/what to improve).

Finally, look at the bottom of the deck for the shadow card. This card indicates a subconscious theme that runs like a red thread through all three events. This is something that you can now begin to bring to your awareness and that will help you better understand the messages of the previous cards.

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