inner life coaches tarot spread

Your Inner Life Coaches Tarot Spread

inner life coaches

From time to time, we all have to be our own life coaches. At times like that, it is important to become aware of the voices inside our minds that pitch in with seemingly impossible dreams, reality checks and criticism. In the Inner Life Coaches Tarot Spread, you get to meet and know your Inner Dreamer, Inner Realist and Inner Critic. That way you can harness the power of each of them. It also allows you to identify and ignore their weaknesses.

Your Inner Dreamer

The Inner Dreamer is the part of you that is very much connected with your Inner Child. It has a limitless mindset and likes to dream big. If you are the type of person who easily starts drifting off in daydreams, your Inner Dreamer may be quite prominent. And this is great but we all need balance. If the voices of the Inner Realist and Inner Critic are never allowed to surface, chances are there is a lot of internal dialogue but very little action.

In the Tarot, the Inner Dreamer is a funny mix of the imaginative Page of Cups and the visionary King of Wands.

Your Inner Realist

This is the part of you that likes to get things done. He or she is no stranger to making schedules or to-do lists and then ticking the items off the list. They have a practical approach. Their can-do attitude makes them nudge you to roll your sleeves up and get going.

In the Tarot, this could be your Knight, Queen or King of Pentacles. Maybe even a mix of all three.

Your Inner Critic

This is the part of you that goes, ‘Hey, wait a minute!’. He then proceeds to hand you a list of objections about why your plan is not as watertight as you think it is. We might not like this voice but it does have an important function to fill. Unless we heed this voice, we might end up having to spend a lot more time on the work at hand than necessary. The trick is to find balance. Do not allow your Inner Critic to take over the show because then he might just decide to shut the whole project down.

It will come as no surprise that the Inner Critic is found in the Suit of Swords. Aiming to harness the power of the objective and fair version of the King of Swords for your inner critic is not a bad idea.

Prepare for the Inner Life Coaches Tarot Reading

To get the most out of the reading below, think of something you would like to create, do or achieve in the next 6-12 months. That way, you will have something for your Inner Coaches to chew on.

Your Inner Life Coaches Tarot Spread

inner life coaches tarot spread

Strengths – Look for any of the suits mentioned in relation to each of your Inner Coaches. If they have an opposing suit showing in the Strength position, you like to think outside the box. For instance, an Inner Critic whose strength is the Ace of Cups may be very aware of the impact of your actions on people’s emotions. This makes your Inner Critic prioritise making a positive emotional impact.

Weaknesses – Again, bearing the Suit Elements in mind, if you have a Pentacles card as a weakness for your Inner Realist, you may really need to amplify his or her voice. Try an inner dialogue with probing questions to get to the bottom of the issue. Use tapping to resolve any blockages.

Messages – Here you can really allow your imagination to take you into deep dialogues with each of your Inner Coaches. Imagine each of them in turn standing in front of you to deliver the message in the card. Write down their messages. Allow your action plan to form and set up some short-term and long-term goals according to the SMART model.

Revisit the Inner Coaches reading in six months and see what has changed.

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