the 2024 libra lunar eclipse tarot spread

The Libra Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

the 2024 libra lunar eclipse tarot spread

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth, Sun and Moon align perfectly so that the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon. The exact time of the 2024 Libra Lunar Eclipse on 25 March is 4:53 AM. According to Time and Date, it will be near full in London. This lunation is also known as the Worm Moon.

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The Significance of a Libra Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse is a lunation on steroids. A lunar eclipse in Libra brings with it a cosmic emphasis on balance and relationships. Libra, the sign symbolised by the scales, loves to harmonise opposing forces. It strives for justice and seeks equilibrium in all aspects of life. When a lunar eclipse casts its shadow upon the full moon in this sign, those themes are magnified and come to the forefront of consciousness. It often marks a period of significant relationship revelations. Dynamics of partnership—be it romantic, business, or otherwise—undergo scrutiny and reassessments. This may be particularly pertinent since Mercury is in pre-retrograde shadow at the same time.

The Libra lunar eclipse can unearth issues or feelings that may have been buried, prompting moments of clarity and catalysing decisions toward change. This celestial event invites introspection. It asks us to examine the give-and-take in our connections. Eclipses are often seen as turning points, and when situated in Libra, the emphasis is on turning the pages of relational chapters, possibly closing some and opening others with a renewed understanding of fairness.

The energy of a Libra lunar eclipse can bring to light where we may need to adjust our approach to achieving harmony, fundamentally reshaping our perspective on conflict and compromise. By welcoming the gentle yet persuasive energy of Libra during this lunar eclipse, there is an opportunity to transform our most crucial relationships, learning to mediate between the heart’s desires and the mind’s logic. Ultimately, this can lead to deeper and more meaningful connections with others and within oneself.

6 Ways to Harness the Power of the Libra Lunar Eclipse


Look at where Libra is in your own chart…

During a Libra Lunar Eclipse, locating the sign of Libra within our natal chart can act as a revealing guidepost for anticipatable changes. Libra represents the scales of balance, particularly within the realm of relationships. Hence its placement in our chart emphasises where these dynamics are most likely to play out. By examining the house that Libra occupies, as well as any planets it aspects, we can gain insights into the areas of life that are ripe for transformation. This knowledge equips us with the foresight to navigate potential upheavals with grace and to maintain our equilibrium.

For instance, let’s say the Libra Lunar Eclipse occurs in your fourth house, the focus shifts to the foundation of your life: home and family. The fourth house, part of the personal and emotional core of our chart, concerns our sense of security and belonging. An eclipse in this house might provoke significant changes in living circumstances or alter dynamics with family members. Perhaps a move is on the horizon, or family relationships call for renewed fairness and openness. This cosmic event may also prompt one to address childhood patterns that have been casting shadows on adult relationships, urging a healing balance between the past and present.

Look to making long-term changes

Whatever comes up for you now is likely to have a massive impact in the months to come. In fact, the changes may have already begun and started coming into focus slowly but surely over recent days/weeks.

Make sure that you are authentic and speak with integrity in all your relationships. This is also one way to…

Cut the deadwood

Certain people are not meant to be in your life. If anyone pops into your mind as you read this, you seriously need to make sure that person is out of your life. Not everyone has our best interests at heart. This is your chance to release at least one such person from your presence permanently, even if it is just in the form of blocking/deleting them on Facebook so you don’t have to see their hate speech, drama or general toxicity in your feed anymore.

Clear blocks to intimacy

Is fear keeping you from being truly happy in love? Now is your chance to face that fear dead on and transmute it into something that serves you better.

Consider the balance between give and take…

…in your closest relationships. Are your needs met or are you doing ALL the giving? Could you give a bit more? Are you giving of yourself or are you giving what you think the other person wants to see in you? It has never been more important that the giving you do is genuine and an expression of you.

Don’t be afraid of trying new models of communication…

…or taking the lead when it comes to changing the relationship dynamic. Whatever your gut tells you to shake up probably actually does need shaking up now so that new life can be breathed into the relationship.

Libra Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

Here is a custom 6-card Tarot spread that can help you navigate the changes and opportunities this cosmic event might bring to your life:

a 6-card libra lunar eclipse tarot spread

1. Balance Assessment

Where in my life is balance needed? How can I align with Libra’s harmonising energies?

2. Relationship Focus

What is being revealed to me about my relationships? What must I scrutinise or reassess?

3. Transformation Potential

In what area of my life is transformation most needed, and how can I facilitate this change?

4. Release and Letting Go

Who or what do I need to release to move forward in positivity and authenticity?

5. Intimacy and Fear

What fear or block to intimacy is currently affecting me, and how can I transmute it?

6. Communication Dynamics

What new model of communication can I introduce to renew the dynamics of my relationships?

As you lay out each card, reflect on its position and what it reveals about your current situation and the impact of the Libra Lunar Eclipse. Keep an open mind to the insights and guidance that the Tarot spread may offer.

Libra Lunar Eclipse Sample Reading

libra lunar eclipse sample tarot reading with the guardian angel messages tarot
Guardian Angel Messages Tarot

1. Balance Assessment – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups suggests that you’re driven by your emotions and passions, which can be both a source of inspiration and imbalance. It’s an indicator that you need to balance following your heart with practical considerations. Align with Libra’s harmonising energies by recognising when to pursue your dreams and when to take a more measured, realistic approach.

2. Relationship Focus – The High Priestess

The High Priestess calls you to trust your intuition when it comes to your relationships. This card implies that there are underlying currents and hidden depths to be acknowledged. Pay attention to your inner voice as it reveals insights into your connections with others. This introspective energy aligns perfectly with the eclipse’s call for deeper understanding.

3. Transformation Potential – 8 of Pentacles

Hard work and commitment are at the forefront with the 8 of Pentacles. This resonates with working from home and the eclipse taking place in the fourth house. Transformation is most needed in your craft or career or the meticulous development of your skills. The encouragement here is to facilitate this change by dedicating yourself to continuous improvement and mastery of what you do. This dedication could lead to significant growth and evolution.

4. Release and Letting Go – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups signifies emotional maturity and the need for empathy. She is asking you to release what no longer serves your emotional well-being. This could be a relationship, habit, or past hurt that you’ve clung to. Letting go will allow you to move forward with a clear head and an open, compassionate heart.

5. Intimacy and Fear – 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles represents family, inheritance, legacy and long-term success. The fear or block to intimacy may be rooted in issues around family or your long-term security. Perhaps you need to transmute fears about the future or your place in it so that you can open yourself up to true and lasting intimacy.

6. Communication Dynamics – The Lovers

The Lovers card is indicative of harmonious relationships and significant choices. When it comes to communication, this card suggests introducing a model based on open-hearted dialogue and genuine connections. Consider how you can make your communication more authentic, and take the lead in creating a dynamic based on mutual respect and understanding.

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  1. Hiya, I’m just starting to learn & combine astrology with the tarot and came across your spread on youtube 🙂 many thanks for such a clear and concise meanings and how they all “run” into each other smoothly telling a story! May I also ask which deck it is that you used in this spread please? cheers Paula

    1. Post
  2. Thank-you. That sounds promising! I have definitely been thinking about using the internet to help me in that regard, albeit so far more to help me track down the contact details of someone so I can email him and ask him out, but fear of failure or indeed of success and having to go on a date, have both got in the way 🙂

  3. Libra is my ascendant, not sure what it means other than it makes me emotional. This is another great spread. I got
    3 of Swords – Moon – Ace of Wands
    -I guess a fear of the potential of heartbreak (I’m single so maybe a fear of heartbreak holding me back altering the single state?) & how to cope, take action (i’ve got the Robin Wood deck and the ace of wands is incredibly phallic looking so not sure what type of action 😉
    Queen of Swords – The World-Page of Wands
    -maybe i have been to cool and aloof? Not sure about the Page, it is a message but don’t know how that links
    The Hermit – The Sun – The Magician
    -I’ve been too aloof in the past and maybe The Magician is someone I will meet? (i don’t think i know anyone like that now if it is a person).

    Another good thing with these cards was all the right hand side ones and the Sun were yellow backgrounds or strongly featured yellow and the left hand side and the World and Moon were all blue/gray, so it is like moving from the dark to the light or a sort of yin/yang.

    Thanks for another really good spread 🙂

    1. Post

      The Ace of Wands + Page of Wands + Magician tells me you are TOTALLY ready to start dating again after this eclipse. You’ve got your mojo back and it looks like internet dating is the way forward with The Magician (Mercury). Pages aren’t just messages or children… Think back to the Thoth Princess of Wands – super charged sexual energy… as if you needed a clue with that phallic Ace of Wands? ;D

  4. Thanks once again for a wonderful, powerful spread, Lisa. To the left of Moon, I pulled 4 of Wands and to the right, 6 Lovers. Makes sense to me: I tend to hesitate to enjoy and celebrate my wins in life, and the cards seem to be encouraging me to bond deeply and get over it. Middle and top row confuse me a bit more, though. To the left of World I have Chariot, and to the right, Hierophant. Yep. They were aligned in a nice row with Sun. To the left of Sun was Queen of Pentacles and to the right — Chariot. So– I would have thought to stop driving forward on my ambitions so hard except that the Chariot card is also in the ally position. And I was perplexed to see the Queen as foe because I don’t tend to over nurture (at least I don’t think I do). Can you redirect me to shed any light on this powerful major arcana spread?! Many thanks!

    1. Post
      1. Maybe I pulled them wrong, but as I fanned out the cards, the layout was that the Chariot was in between. So the cards were: Queen of Pent, Sun, Chariot, World, Hierophant, 4 of Wands, Moon, Lovers.

        1. Post

          When there not enough flanking cards, it is the same as when one of the three main Majors ending up next to each other, i.e. it means you’re not meant to read on this now… and that will be why it’s not making much sense to you. Take a break and return later on when you feel ready. Light a candle and say a prayer before you begin if you didn’t last time. Your energy may just have been too scattered.

          1. Hmm, okay. I always do my readings in a state of meditation but it is very possible I wasn’t intended to read on it then. I will return to it later! Thanks!

  5. Oh I love this spread thank you so much Lisa! I find it very powerful and insightful and it ended up resonating with me big time 🙂
    For the Sun I pulled the Tower and the 4 of Pentacles, for the World the 3 of pentacles and the Knight of Swords, and for the Moon the Fool and the Magician.. Time for a prayer possibly 😀 Still, I think there is a message of a deep shakening of my life’s material structure and highlightening that change is ahead. I feel I am getting rid of some old beliefs about “the effort” related to find a way to make a living and my fears all around what is new (which is what I am trying to do, in terms of finding a way to express my soul and my talent and make a living out of it). Still, the magician and the knight of swards point me inwards, I have the tools to create my own structure (4 of pentacles) and I just have to stay at my side through this transitional phase! Spring is coming! Namaste 🙂

    1. Post
    1. Post

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘belongs to Ceres’ – Is Ceres in your sixth house? I can’t really comment about Ceres because I haven’t really studied the asteroids. All I know it has to do with how we nurture others, so I suppose it’s a good fit for the 6th House which deals with physical health and work (daily grind). Sixth house Libra makes you concerned with fairness and good relationships in your work environment. For health, it can mean that you don’t move enough and/or tend to overindulge a bit in food. The eclipse could shake things up in this house for you and help trigger healthier habits and the ability to speak up for yourself (even IF it will rock the boat).

        1. Ceres even exists. So I hope I get the house right. Do you know any page where you can learn about the House and the diffrent planet that is in the house?

          1. Post

            Yes, of course Ceres exists. I’m just not very up on the moons of planets and asteroids. For studying Astrology in-depth and reliable resources, I would recommend you visit the site of my friend healer and astrologer Helen Tremeer over at – She’s the expert and the one who taught me that values (although not a tangible resource) belong in the second house. I have found valuable resources for self-study on and Blessings

  6. Hi Lisa, thank you, yet again, for the fantastic spread!

    I was born with Mars in Libra in my First House; and Sagittarius is currently in Mars-unfortunately, I’m still in the beginners stage of learning astrology so, I’m not 100% sure how to interpret that-but, I get the sense that my own personal views/beliefs/value system etc, is being put in the spotlight and it’s time to start seriously thinking of what exactly mine are for myself and my life.

    Bottom Row: 7 of Pentacles, MOON, 4 of Swords-Coincidently, the last “romance” reading I had gotten a couple months back drew the 7 of Pentacles Rx in the future and 4 of Swords Rx as my present state-so, I have the feeling that this may reflect that energy from that reading I had done; and its highlighting the return their “normal” upright state.

    Middle Row: Justice, WORLD, 9 of Pentacles- I’m not sure exactly, but, I feel like maybe it’s telling me that I’m finally finished balancing out some residual karma and lingering issues within myself and others and am now ‘free’ to start again, or on my terms now-having come out the other end still standing tall?

    Top Row: 5 of Pentacles, SUN, 9 of Wands- I’m unsure of how exactly the 5 of Pents ties in tho as a foe, along with the 9 of wands and that’s what I was hoping to really get your help with as well-my first reaction says my low self esteem and lack of real personal direction are my biggest enemy now and that my perseverance and strong will to keep going dispite my feeling like I just don’t have it left in me. Also, maybe the lack of a good stable, support system around me and feeling against the world?

    Having the 2 #9’s along with the 4 of Swords and even the 7 of Pents in my reading, along with my Mars in Libra its house placement are showing thru. Maybe that I’m entering into a personal “withdrawal” time and doing some focusing on myself.

    1. Post

      Hi Raychel, values belong more in the second house. The first house is your vitality levels and personality. Values and what we hold dear can change but personality tends to stay pretty much the same. Yes, the 5 of Pentacles sounds like the lack of support you are experiencing. The 9 of Wands is personal strength and personal boundaries… being vigilant against ‘takers.’ The two 9’s do speak of being healthily independent and self-reliant after breaking with the past. Blessings

  7. Hi Lisa 🙂 mine makes sense except for half of it. I got: 3 of swords, The Moon, The Magician…. Knight of Pentacles, The World, Knight of Swords… King of Wands, The Sun, 8 of swords.. can you interpret these for me ??

    1. Post

      Hi Ashleigh, welcome to Angelorum. How this works is you share your own interpretation and then ask on any card(s) you are stuck on. Blessings

      1. Well, I think the 3 of swords, the moon, the magician means for me that I am experiencing heartbreak but I have the ability to create my future with skill. Which is true, I am going through a breakup and I miss this person very much but I also know that I can get through this because I have before. The knight of pentacles, the world and the knight of swords means to me, is the knight of pentacles is the ex that I am experiencing the heartbreak from, he is leaving my life. But the knight of swords is where I start to get confused. Is this someone else coming or is this an attitude I need to keep in check? The king of wands, the sun, and the 8 of swords, I’m also a bit confused. The king can be so many people in my life but there are 2 male relatives, my dad and relative/friend of mine that I can’t just cut out of my life, and is this feeling represented by the 8 of swords?

        1. Post

          Ash, a card can have more than one meaning… in this case, it seems you know the Knight of Swords relates to you on some level… that doesn’t mean it can’t also mean someone new is coming into your life, so stay open to both possibilities. As for the 8 of Swords in the ‘ally’ position… yeah, stop telling yourself you can’t free yourself from the negative influence of the King of Wands. There is a way but if you keep telling yourself there isn’t, you won’t see it.

            1. Post

              I assumed you knew since you related this card to a couple of men you knew…? Badly aspected the King of Wands can act impusively, respectlessly and even recklessly. It’s all about ‘me, myself and I’… and he is WAY better on talking the talk than walking the walk. Sometimes he has illusions of grandeur. He likes to lead but can be a despot rather than an inspiration of his Shadow has taken over. He is non-commital and can say really hurtful things. He wants freedom for himself but doesn’t grant it to those around him.

              1. No, I can’t tell what the negative influences because they seem to be helping me, or at least seem to have my best interest at heart and I turn to them for advice.. But thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it 🙂

                1. Post
                  1. I guess because I know both of them are Sagittarius, and sometimes my dad can show those negative traits but he is more helpful than a foe. Unless, this king represents someone else.. I will have to think about that..

    1. Post
  8. Lovely spread, like I said I tried it tonight 🙂 One thing stumped me, in the foe position I got Ace of Cups, what could that mean here? Ally was Page of Swords which made sense to me, I’ve been influenced by a high energy person encouraging me to learn and develop lately… But the ace? I’m thinking maybe my foe is false emotions?

  9. Question: does the first card i see on turning over the shuffled pack have any relevance (like the card on the ‘base of the pack’ in a more conventional reading??)

  10. Hey I also have Libra in the 5th house… 🙂 (newbie with astrology but super excited to have just had my natal chart explained to me recently lol) Thanks for the lovely spread! I am definitely trying this out tonight!

  11. Thank-you Lisa – My true node is in Libra – oh boy!!!! For the Sun, I pulled Star and 4 of cups(Star to the left and 4 of Cups to the right); for the World I pulled Strength and the King of Cups; and for the Moon, I pulled 2 of pentacles and Page of Pentacles. Trying to see who represents the Star…and how Strength represents ending…

    1. As for Strength, you really do need to relate that your own life and what has been happening recently… It will be a situation that has called on you for act from your Higher Self, out of compassion… with kindness and ‘soft control’… The Star as ‘foe’ is someone who is cold and way too detached emotionally. Blessed Be!

  12. Just finished doing this spread. There are only two minor arcana cards in the layout! My Mars is in Libra in the 5th house.

    1. Post
  13. I love this theme for the Eclipse! Not because I’m a double-Libra (Sun and Moon!) but because it’s about really purging all the things that we don’t need that keep weighing us down. That has been a constant theme in my daily draws lately and I feel like the card messages keep getting louder and louder. I hear you, cards! 😉
    I’m definitely going to give this spread a try! It looks like it will help to uncover more things rising from the depths. Love it! Thank you Lisa! <3

    1. Post

      Wow, double Libra… massive changes on the cards for you, no doubt! 😉 Glad you love this and hope you love it as much after you have done the reading! <3

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