my passion pyramid tarot spread

My Passion Pyramid Tarot Spread

passion pyramid tarot spread

Before you begin to come up with a strategy or life plan, set long-term goals, and start working toward them, you need a certain level of clarity. This process always begins with knowing yourself and establishing your identity. Once you know who you are and what you are for, it becomes much easier to break your dreams down into long- and short-term goals. Essentially, who you are and what you are for are the core elements of your identity and purpose. All your dreams and goals must align with your essence and mission in this lifetime. Otherwise, they will not be viable or sustainable. I created the ‘My Passion Pyramid Tarot Spread’ to help you gain this initial level of clarity.

Please set aside 60 – 90 minutes for doing this reading. The more journaling you do based on the prompts provided by the cards in Part 2, the more useful your reading will be.

My Passion Pyramid Tarot Spread – Part 1

This is a two-part Tarot spread and part one is made with the cards facing up.

Card 1 – Choose the card that best represents your ideal self. This could be one of your birth cards but it doesn’t have to be. Be careful to make this about you and not who you are to other people. Feel into your essence as you pick this card. There should be a spark of recognition when you find the card that is the best fit.

Card 2 – 3 – Choose two cards that best express what you feel your mission or purpose is. Again, this should not be about other people but rather about where and how you find the most flow, passion, and joy in life.

Cards 4 – 6 Each of these three cards represents a part of your mission. They are the passion projects that will allow you to express your identity and purpose fully. Don’t worry about how or timing for now. Dare to dream big. Further guidance will follow in part two.

Make notes of the cards you chose and take some time to write down your initial thoughts before continuing to part two.

My Passion Pyramid Tarot Spread – Part 2

For the second part of this spread, you can work with a second Tarot deck if this is available to you. This way, you allow for repeating cards. Alternatively, you can copy the layout in part one on an empty sheet of paper. Then gather all the cards up from the first round, reshuffle and pick six cards face down. If you work with a second deck, you can lay a second lot of cards on top of the cards you chose in part one.

The second lot of cards give you a clue about how well you are embodying your essence (card 1), what you need to know about your mission (cards 2-3), and what you need to know about your dreams/goals (4-6). Make notes of how the cards make you feel as well as about their card meanings. Your feelings are important signposts for path-correcting if need be.


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