gebo flow tarot spread

The Gebo Flow Tarot Spread

a state of flow

Being in a state of flow is to touch eternity. In a state of flow, time ceases to exist and we feel fully aligned with our purpose. In fact, the flow state feels so good that it is kind of odd that we don’t seek it out more often than we do. But this could be because of laziness. You see, the state of flow is described as being the sweet spot we find ourselves in when we exert ourselves roughly 4% beyond our current ability. This means pushing against the current edges of our comfort zone where we can operate without having to challenge ourselves. In today’s Gebo Flow Tarot Spread, we are looking at how the energy flows to generate that flow sweet spot. We also get a feel for how we can improve the conscious input/output and impact if we are experiencing any creative blocks.

What Puts You in a State of Flow?

Before we start laying the cards out, you need to decide on a specific state of creative flow that is relevant to you. If you are a writer, you would focus on the flow state you sometimes find yourself in when writing, for instance.

Take a moment to reflect on how often you do find yourself in a state of flow with the process of (________). Next, consider what impact you would like that flow state to have on the world around you.

Gebo – Giving and Receiving

Essentially, the energy of flow is where the balance between giving and receiving is synchronous and in perfect harmony. In his book, Atomic Habits, James Clear presents a theory that flow happens when we hit the sweet spot between unconscious thinking processes and processes that require cognition. Again, we are talking about two sources of energy being harmonised.

If we were to pick a rune to signify this process and the state of flow, I believe Gebo might be a good fit.

While in a state of creative flow, I saw in my mind’s eye how the shape of the Gebo is a glyph for the state of flow.

The sweet spot where the two arms cross is where the action of flow takes place. This is a place of zero-point alignment. In the past, I have thought of the zero-point alignment state as absolute stillness. However, I perceive a subtle upward spiral movement. Imagine that the two arms keep crossing like a double helix viewed from above. This would also explain why we can’t maintain this state of flow or zero-point alignment perpetually. Each arm has a pattern of movement that keeps separating it out from the zero-point so that growth can continue.

The Gebo Flow Tarot Spread

the gebo flow tarot spread
  1. Subtle/subconscious input (Fire)
  2. Conscious emotional input – How inspired or blocked you feel (Water)
  3. Flow state – Sweet spot/your current ability to be in flow with your chosen creative process (Spirit)
  4. Cognitive/intellectual output – The quality of your output (Air)
  5. Impact – How the output impacts those who come into contact with your manifest creation (Earth)

Trust the flow of your intuition as you look at the cards in the spread. If you don’t like what you see in any of the positions, simply ask, ‘How can I improve the flow of energy here?’ Pull a clarifier on the how.

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