new moon in aquarius tarot spread

New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread

new moon in aquarius tarot spread

The New Moon in Aquarius

“Matter coalesces around frequency.”

The above quote is from this video with Pam Gregory. I recommend that you watch it first – especially if you are reading this in 2021. We are coming up to a very important New Moon on 11 February in terms of human consciousness evolution which is why I’m making sure I get the Tarot spread for this lunation out there in plenty of time.

It is also important that you use the days leading up to do the release work we talked about in the week ahead readings that I posted on Friday. However, the Tarot spread itself is for any New Moon in Aquarius in any year. The Aquarian themes of brotherhood, equality/human rights, liberation, rebellion, and consciousness evolution remain constant.

These are exciting times, my friends. The energies of the Aqe of Aquarius are really starting to come to the fore. The old must die now, so do we die with it or do we receive incoming cosmic upgrades to align with the future? I suggest we make a collective effort to do the latter on this New Moon.

New Moon Energy

New Moon energy is all about sowing the seed for the upcoming lunar cycle. It is a time for goalsetting and making plans for the weeks ahead.

Aquarian energy

For the New Moon in Aquarius, it is appropriate to set goals that involve collective consciousness and humanitarian pursuits. This lunation can act as a reset for large chunks of humanity where the energies are really out of whack because of the self-centered agenda(s) of people with a lot of power.

New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread

You can do this Tarot spread ‘as is,’ without a New Moon ritual, or you can turn it into more of an event, where you combine it with magick/intention setting. If you choose the latter, do some kind of purification of yourself and the ritual/sacred space you will be working in first.

new moon in aquarius tarot spread

1. The House (check your natal chart which House this lunation falls in) – The card in this position shows you the current energy of this House. This is a great article that shows you how the New Moon in Aquarius affects each House.

2. Your biggest challenge in this House – The card in this position shows you what needs to be transmuted now for you to align with the Highest Good (the Highest Good is a very Aquarian concept)

3. What intention to set for the New Moon in Aquarius – This card shows you what seed to plant now for the month ahead

4. Your role in creating more freedom on Earth

5. Your role in creating more equality on Earth

6. Your role in raising the collective human consciousness

Read the final three cards mindfully and prayerfully. If inspiration on action steps you can take based on this inspiration doesn’t come to you instantly, keep referring back to the reading, trusting that Spirit guidance will come. You were born for this – it’s part of your mission so you are not being left without guidance.


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