week ahead pick-a-pile readings

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Readings

week ahead pick-a-pile readings

Pick a Pile

Take a deep cleansing breath and choose one of the three piles above from the Bianco Nero Tarot for your individual week ahead message. The first pile is the rose quartz angel, the second is the selenite heart and the third is the citrine sphere.

The pick-a-pile messages tie in with the general guidance for the collective below, so please read that before scrolling down to your chosen pile.

General Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

Week Ahead General Guidance for the Pick-a-Pile Readings

We are in a waning moon week and one of the general themes is release/letting go. This message was emphasised in the daily reading for the collective and Spirit asked me to elaborate for the week ahead.

I was shown that our fear of letting go is usually tied in with our fear of dying. Then I was shown how our fear of dying is tied in with our regret about not having lived fully.

In the reading above, we are working with the Golden Wirth Tarot and the Death Deck which is not a deck I normally use for reading. The intended purpose for the Death Deck is to open up to conversation around death and dying. It turns out that is exactly what Spirit wanted me to do today.

So this is our ‘memento mori’ for the week ahead. The Star is all bout living life to the fullest by being a channel of divine grace. If you want a Tarot card that represents giving and letting go without hesitation, that’s the one and that’s the card that came through in our random draw (no such thing as random).

The Media Merry-Go-Round

Media is capitalising on our fear of death and dying. It has been doing so since the start of the global virus season (I won’t use the C-word since we’re all sick to death of it – no pun intended). It’s all too easy to get caught up in the media merry-go-round of fear which is spinning faster and faster. Opting out will slow things down and help you gain perspective as well as help you return to your own centre.

Let’s regard this as an opportunity to face our own fear of dying with regret so that we can let go of it once and for all and begin living fully intead. It’s time, don’t you think…?

Find a slower pace this week – one that allows you to walk mindfully, honouring your Essence.

Rose Quartz Angel Pile

What to release this week is a fear of dying without having been loved. Stop looking for love. Stop questioning why you can’t have the love you feel entitled to. Instead, learn to BE that love – then give from that place of love within. Then it won’t matter how or when you die. Whenever and however, you will have lived fully.

Time is an illusion anyway, so stop believing the lie that it is too late for this and that. Give yourself the fresh start you deserve this week, by letting go of all the blocks to love. Embody the highest aspect of the Queen of Cups and your intuitive powers will begin to soar as well. You will know exactly who needs what and you will be able to give it to them, without ever feeling depleted.

Selenite Heart Pile

You have been a student of pain for too long. Do you really want to remain a perpetual student of woundology? Isn’t it time to let go and stop identifying with your past hurts? If you have to be an idealogue, let it be for some idea that will help humanity move forward.

Better yet, let go of ideas all together and live in the moment. Pain is not there for you to dissect. It’s there simply so that you can learn to let go. One breath is all it takes. Oh yes, it may return. But your salvation is still being centred in the present moment. Your salvation is still only one breath away.

It’s okay to change your mind. Decide what matters more: your happiness or how others see you.

Citrine Sphere Pile

It’s time to release the feeling that you are not blessed with good fortune because you are not wealthy in the material sense. You are blessed in ways that are far more life-affirming than that, my friend – You are infinitely creative!

As you use this week to establish a regular meditation practice, which allows you to focus and tap into your own creative power, you will release the fixation on material wealth organically. You will begin to create your own fortune rather than relying on the luck you felt always evaded you.

Spending more time in nature will speed this process along. Nature can help you realise that all you need to create a most magnificent life has already been provided for you. Why rely on something as fickle as luck?


Lisa Frideborg

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