new moon in pisces dream tarot spread

New Moon in Pisces Dream Tarot Spread

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. The New Moon in Pisces, however, falls at the end of the astrological year and so it has more of a flavour of wrapping things up. Things are naturally drawing to an end, just like normality did this time last year (2020). In today’s post, I share a Pisces Dream Tarot Spread–Perfect for the upcoming New Moon.

The New Moon in Pisces is a wonderful time for setting the intent to use sleep and dreams for spiritual development, not just for self-awareness but literally to develop superpowers while we sleep. To do the latter, we need to develop lucidity first. To be lucid while dreaming means to be aware that you are in a dream. However, that’s only the first step–then you can go on to controlling your dreams to learn new skills etc.

In the Tibetan dream yoga tradition, one develops lucidity while dreaming through four preparatory practices.

The Four Preparations for Dream Yoga

“To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep.”

Joan Klempner
  • ‘This is a dream’ 1 – Repeat this statement several times a day and try to connect to the dreamlike quality of 3D reality. This becomes very easy once you have had a dream vision that is more real than the agreed-upon reality we experience in the waking state.
  • ‘This is a dream’ 2 – Repeat this statement for emotional states and for sensing the world around you. Notice whether you are grasping or in a state of emotional aversion, then allow yourself to wake up from that ‘dream.’
  • At the end of the day, review your day as if reviewing a dream and set the intent to remain lucid while dreaming, as well as to remember your dreams.
  • Keep a dream journal. Review your dreams each morning, either by writing them down or by recording them on your phone’s voice recorder, as soon as you wake up. It might be helpful to rest with your eyes closed for a minute, before you get up, to recall your dream(s) as they tend to vanish quickly once we stand up and move about.

New Moon in Pisces Dream Tarot Spread

This free-form Tarot spread is about the first two preparatory practices. Any Cups cards will tie in with the second practice of observing emotional states of aversion or grasping. However, the Major Arcana cards can relate to either practice.

  1. What waking situation(s) am I usually most entrenched in the dream state and lacking awareness (pull 1-3 cards; 1a, 1b, 1c)
  2. How I am my own worst enemy. 2 a): What do I need to clear from my energy field or mindset, in general, to become more lucid (karmic contracts, unforgiveness, addictions, pride etc), and what’s my greatest challenge in doing so (2 b)
  3. Read the next set of cards in light of the information gained through cards 2 a+b. Each of the cards here shows more detailed information about what you can do to remain aware, in addition to reminding yourself that you are dreaming

See the sample reading below.

Pisces New Moon Dream Tarot Reading

The Waking States That Keep Me Captive

The first three cards are very clear. The 9 of Wands in position 1 a) shows me going into a state of reactive defensiveness. That is definitely the most difficult state for me to avoid getting trapped in the dream. I feel beset upon and my ‘enemies’ don’t feel imaginary or dreamlike at all.

The 4 of Cups in position 1 b) is about a sense of apathy and low-level depression that I tend to sink into when I’m not connected with my life purpose.

Finally, The Moon in position 1 c) is about fear and anxiety. No surprises there.

How I Am My Worst Enemy

In general, I’m challenged the most when I take life too seriously (Queen of Pentacles in position 2 a) and allow myself to be weighed down by responsibilities. The voice generated by the challenge card (8 of Swords in position 2b) is an echoing ‘I must, I must, I must.’

The beauty is that as soon as I identify the voice of the 8 of Swords, I can wake up from the dream. I can challenge it by stating in a clear and calm voice: ‘I ‘must’ do no such thing. In fact, I even get to choose whether I keep breathing or not. But I choose to do the things that are helpful with a cheerful and attentive heart’

What to DO to Stay Aware in the Waking State

The Ace of Pentacles (3 a) as the antidote to the defensiveness of the 9 of Wands is about bringing my mind back to a single focus on a bodily sensation to break the spell

The Queen of Swords (3 b) as the antidote to the apathy of the 4 of Cups is about a need for objectivity. The 4 of Cups is the dream within the dream. I need to question: ‘Is my perception of my uselessness based in reality or am I being overly emotional?’

The 2 of Pentacles (3 c) as the remedy to the fear or anxiety of The Moon is about movement and physical exercise. Putting one foot in front of another and finding a practical solution to a minor issue by doing so can easily break the spell.

It’s interesting to look at the predominance of grasping versus aversion. Among my cards in this reading, aversion definitely dominates.

The deck I used is the lovely Hanson-Roberts Tarot (affiliate link).

love raven liora

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