power of keeping silent tarot spread

The Power of Keeping Silent Tarot Spread

keeping silent

The Tarot High Priestess teaches us the power of keeping silent. She knows the wisdom of not dissipating the energy of our intentions before we go to work to realise them. The High Priestess is the inspiration for this little Power of Keeping Silent Tarot spread. It can help you avoid distractions and stay centred on divine guidance every step of the way.

I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.

the power of keeping silent
The High Priestess from the Heaven and Earth Tarot

Mary hid these things in her heart; she continued to think about them.

Luke 2:19 (ICB)

The Power of Keeping Silent Tarot Spread

keeping silent tarot spread
  1. What I’m pregnant with now – This signifies a creative project that I have recently been inspired to begin. Meditate for a while with this card, to get a feel for the energy behind it. It may provide you with some ideas for how to move forward.
  2. What I need to keep silent about – Which aspects of this project I am better off keeping to myself
  3. Why I need to keep silent about it – Plagiarism is a possible threat to creative projects but there could be other reasons. Distractions come in many forms.
  4. What I can share – This may be nothing depending on the card that shows up. Arcanum XIII is a strong ‘Just don’t!’
  5. Whom I can share it with/in what context – This may only be Spirit, especially with a Major Arcana card in this position. Sometimes it is okay to share an intention with an ‘accountability buddy.’

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