runic awakening tarot spread

The Runic Awakening Tarot Spread

The Runic Awakening Tarot Spread is not based on some ancient Norse tradition though I have great reverence for my Swedish ancestors. It is based on an epiphany I had this morning, plain and simple.

I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a gauge for whether or not we are actually awakening?’ The ego likes to play tricks on us. Sometimes, when the ego is sufficiently puffed up, it can trick us into thinking we have awakened. We look around and label others as asleep. This is obviously a sign that we have not awakened.

A person who is awake does not compare his journey of awakening to that of others. And she knows that we are all on the same trajectory, just with variations in the lessons we learn and the gifts we are able to share with the world.

So, this morning in meditation, a new mantra came to me from one of my spirit guides. Later, I realised that each sound corresponded with a rune and that these runes, laid out to form a spread, could act as that aforementioned gauge.

The Runic Awakening Tarot Spread

the runic awakening tarot spread
  1. Dagaz cards 1-3 How you will know you are awakening
  2. Jera cards 4-6 Your karmic harvest upon awakening
  3. Gebo cards 7-9 How to share the fruits of your harvest with the world

Sample Reading with the Runic Tarot

Dagaz2 of Swords + 6 of Swords + 5 of Wands

You leave your indecision behind and decide to move forward, trusting your inner guidance. Along the way, you meet fierce opposition both from within and without. But you realise that this is happening for you, not to you so you rise above the role of the victim. This is how you know you are awakening.

JeraQueen of Swords + XIII Death + 9 of Wands

You finally trust your inner wisdom and speak your truth. An initiation has taken place. You can initiate others in turn. Your strength has increased thanks to the tests and trials. This is your karmic your harvest.

GeboQueen of Cups + Page of Pentacles + 6 of Cups

You remind others of where they come from and teach them that their intuition and emotions can guide them home. This is how you share the fruits of your harvest.

Because your journey will not look the same as mine, I highly recommend laying the cards out for yourself. Journal your findings and come back to them regularly, especially if you start feeling rudderless regarding your purpose.

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