stages of awakening with tarot spread

Stages of Awakening (with Tarot Spread)

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I just watched this updated video for 2022 about the six stages of awakening by Christina Lopes. It was really quite good and I am sure it will help many people in these uncertain times of mass awakening.

The Six Stages of Awakening

The six stages outlined in the video are presented as a linear progression (copying the timestamps someone kindly shared in the comments):

  • 05:10 on switch! (the wake-up call, often some kind of tragedy but not always)
  • 12:37 bliss (reaching up for the light)
  • 16:39 the dark night of the soul (but really of the ego)/shadow-work (reaching down)
  • 24:45 the void (teaches self-reliance)
  • 30:18 groundedness (reaching maturity)
  • 34:48 purpose + mission (final stage, lasts a life-time)

In this updated video, Christina does make the point that awakening doesn’t always happen in a linear way. She says that the stages are sometimes stacked these days of accelerated awakening. She also makes the point that many people who have been born recently are born awake.

Personally, I think that has always been true. Many old souls have were born awake even before the dawning of this age we are in. It’s how successful the installation of the 3D filter is that determines to which degree people then fall asleep. As I’m sure many of you know, it’s very common for young children to see and communicate with spirits.

What is awakening?

Before I go on to share the Stages of Awakening, I thought we would talk about what awakening actually is. It’s easy to take much talked about spiritual concepts like awakening and ascension for granted, without actually understanding them. So awakening is simply a de-installation of that 3D filter we all had put in place between the ages of three and six.

Awakening can happen through any life event that makes us question reality. Often, it happens in response to the loss of a loved one, or as part of a healing crisis where we are faced with a life-limiting diagnosis. But awakening can also be a joyful and spontaneous process for some people.

Just as there is no set formula for triggering awakening, there is no set formula or guarantee of a linear progression in this process.

My own journey of awakening

One of the reasons I loved Christina’s video so much is that it made me really think about my own journey of awakening. I also totally agree with her about the value of using journalling as a tool on this journey. Without that and blogging, I might have lost the plot!

Was I born awake? Probably. I still remember the out-of-body journeys I had as a child. I also remember being annoyed that I couldn’t time-travel. That was probably something I remembered being able to do in past lives.

The Ego

And I never stopped looking for answers to spiritual questions because I never fully shut down (the 3D filter failed). Part of the reason why is that I was never fully allowed to successfully develop an ego. In other words, I never experienced the ‘cracked ego’ Christina talks about as a result of the on-switch.

This is true for many of us who grew up with abuse and abandonment. My point here is that navigating the stages of awakening without a fully formed ego becomes much more problematic. It also usually takes a lot longer. This is why those of us who came into the world this way very often are ‘late bloomers.’

The ego can’t die if it’s not first allowed to live.

Another reason, why I really dig Christina as a spiritual teacher is that she didn’t talk about the ego as something that needs to be obliterated. She explains that it usually grows back even after a temporary experience of loss of ego. (I would say that is a darn good thing. We navigate duality with the ego, not with our Higher Self.) But she goes on to explain that the new version of the ego is more malleable and responsive to the Higher Self–Yay!

The Dark Night/Void

In my experience, the Dark Night always comes stacked with the Void stage of awakening. This can definitely happen more than once in a lifetime. Again, I agree with Christina that journalling is invaluable when we are navigating the Dark Night of the Soul.

What I will say about this phase is that when you go through it without a fully formed, healthy ego, it because much more difficult to let go and surrender. The ego is still fighting to be born in the first instance.

Looking back at my own most recent Dark Night, I can see that this is why I was fighting so hard to form a new identity from the outside rather than allowing the process to transform me from within. I got there in the end but this stage lasted longer because of that ego grapple.

The Bliss Stage

I suspect that those of us with an unformed ego who were born with a spiritual orientation in life, slink in and out of the bliss stage. It’s Spirit’s gift to us to help us even survive in this dense dimension. And it’s what motivates us to keep going. Unfortunately, it can also become a ‘gateway drug’ to other forms of escapism. If this sounds Piscean, you’re not wrong. My Moon, Mars, and North Node are all in Pisces.

Keeping the balance is completely dependent on the next stage I’d like to cover…


Just like the ability to experience spiritual bliss has saved me many times, so has my connection with Nature–especially with trees and my pets. This is not a stage that I could easily give a time frame. I have had to learn and relearn about my need for grounding many times.

However, I will say that the teachings of John Lamb Lash in Not In His Image opened up a new dimension of connectedness with Gaia that is really useful. Purging myself completely of the Judeo-Christian thought paradigm also proved completely necessary in this process.

Now that I have grounded and have a solid sense of belonging on Earth through reconnecting with Gaia and the realm of my ancestors, I feel completely safe to reach up to my Star Family and the Angelic Realm. It no longer destabilises me or evokes feelings of disconnection/not belonging in duality. I relish the realm I have chosen in this incarnation.

My Purpose

I truly believe that enjoying being here is crucial in terms of fully embracing our purpose and ‘mission blueprint.’ A few years ago, I started embracing my Starseed mission but I wasn’t self-reliant or grounded enough to do it properly. I ‘failed’ two big tests: Doreen Virtue (I was attached to her apron strings) and the 2020 plandemic debacle (I fell back into Evangelical Christianity for about six months).

However, nothing you learn from is a total fail. I’m quite happy to report on how I bounced back because I know others can learn from my mistakes so they don’t have to struggle the way I did.

And I suppose that is the mission blueprint for many of us late bloomers. We are here to show that it is never too late to overcome your limitations or to begin enjoying being a multidimensional being in a human body.

Awakening vs Ascension

Before I leave, I want to talk briefly about how the concept of ascension ties in with awakening from my point of view. I actually blogged at length about ascension on my other blog yesterday, so you might want to check that out. In my post, I share how to merge with your Higher Self, based on a very real and recent experience.

But briefly: While awakening is about having the 3D filter uninstalled so that we can access higher levels (and beings) of consciousness, ascension is about increasing our light quotient (how much light we are able to hold in this dimension).

In my experience, bliss is the natural way of increasing our light quotient. This, as I described above, has been an act of pure grace by Spirit. It is also the reason why I have been able to do a lot of my metaphysical work before properly reaching spiritual maturity. It has allowed me to intermittently channel through a lot of information from other densities.

Stages of Awakening Tarot Spread

stages of awakening tarot spread
  1. My on-switch in this incarnation (for clues if you were born with the switch on, look for a Major Arcana card in this position: in particular XX Judgment/Awakening)
  2. How bliss supports me on the journey
  3. What I learned from my most recent Dark Night of the Soul
  4. My self-reliance lesson from the Void
  5. The best way for me to ground (can show something you need to avoid)
  6. What I need to know about my mission blueprint


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