soul contract tarot spread

The Soul Contract Tarot Spread

soul contracts tarot spread

Today I’m sharing a Soul Contract Tarot Spread that can help you release karmic contracts. However, first, we need to understand the concepts of soul contracts and karma.

There are two basic types of soul contracts. The first concerns your life purpose and the second concerns your relationships. In the latter category, which is what we are talking about today, you have two different sub-categories. These sub-categories are positive soul contracts (coming together for love/healing) and negative (or karmic) soul contracts. The Soul Contracts Tarot Spread was created to help you release negative soul contracts. (There is no need to release a positive soul contract)

Please understand that I don’t see karma itself as negative. It is something that we accrue for our own learning. However, there comes a time during our journey when we become ready to no longer have certain lessons on repeat. This, in turn, means that we can release that particular karmic contract.

The act of releasing karma when you have a negative soul contract with another person always begins by recognising the nature of the connection you have with the other soul. Unfortunately, many people who are trapped in a karmic relationship, confuse their toxic relationship with soul mate/twin flame love.

Then begins the inner healing work. You need to understand the tension and triggers that brought you two together. These act as a mirror for what needs healing and releasing within your own soul. Always be mindful that you cannot heal the other person, only yourself.

Shadow-work and Healing

You can’t skip the previous step, aka shadow-work, before moving on to the next step which is to cut all energetic cords to that person. The cords are there until you have completed the lesson, so if you cut them before integration has been completed, they will simply regrow. Though this doesn’t always mean getting back together and starting the next toxic relationship cycle, it can mean that.

However, often it just means moving on with bitterness/resentment and a lack of forgiveness. In the case of the latter, you will have to go through the same lesson again but with another person who is an energetic or karmic match.

The shadow-work process sometimes starts while we are still physically close to the person with whom we have the soul contract. But sometimes, we have to leave. You could literally find yourself in a life-or-death situation. And then it is more than okay to leave. However, you must still do the inner healing work before you can cut cords completely energetically.


Cord-cutting is the final step on the journey to releasing your soul contract. This should be done only after you can see the lesson and reason for coming together in this incarnation clearly. However, it is important to not neglect this step.

If the other person has not completed their inner healing work, they could keep nudging and prodding you. In some cases, this presents a temptation to fall back into old patterns (yes, against our better/inner knowing). This is human nature. We forget all too easily. The cord-cutting adds another layer of protection against falling for this temptation.

Cord-cutting also frees you up when it comes to falling in love again. If you carry energetic baggage, possible future partners will pick up on this, at least subconsciously. This means that you will keep repelling the highest quality and most suitable partners. What’s worse, you may attract someone who could cause a lot of trouble in your life and seriously delay finally meeting the Right One. And why would you settle for less than the Right One?

How to Do Cord-cutting

  • Asking Archangel Michael to help cut the cords. This is probably the most popular form of cord-cutting. The reason is that Archangel Michael is a formidable ally to have on our side whenever we seek to release negativity. It’s literally his superpower to help us do just that. Simply visualise this blue ray angel come in with his sword raised and see him cut the cords between you and the other person.
  • Petitioning another spirit helper/deity to assist. The process would be the same. If you are not sure whom to ask, you can journey to find the best being for the task.
  • Visualising your Higher Self picking up a pair of scissors and cutting the cords.

Completing the Cord-cutting

Whichever method you choose, complete the cord-cutting by visualising the cords falling off your energy body. Then seal and smooth over the attachment areas with healing light by invoking Archangel Raphael or a healing deity such as the Goddess Eir.

A more direct method, such as channeling healing light directly from Source works just as well. We don’t actually need intermediaries but if we already have a working relationship with them, they can be a great comfort to us for these types of workings.

The Soul Contract Tarot Spread

  1. The nature of your karmic soul contract
  2. Your main lesson
  3. What you are already aware of (a pattern that you are in with this soul mate)
  4. Shadow-work still needed (especially if there are lingering triggers around the relationship)
  5. Past healing already accomplished (give yourself credit where credit is due as this will boost morale and help you complete the process)
  6. The final step on the healing journey that signals that you are ready to cut cords

The Summum Bonum

Before laying the cards out, set the intention to honour the soul contract for the Highest Good. This does not mean staying in a toxic relationship; it means doing the healing work so that you both are free to move on. You can say a prayer and maybe light a candle for this healing intention if it feels right. Ask to be shown what you need to see to accomplish the end of suffering and complete liberation for both of you.

You won’t be reading about what the other person should do. But becoming aware of your joint negativity will help end it for both of you. This will give the other person a nudge to work on their shadow as well. However, whether they go on to do that or not is not your problem.

I pray that this Tarot spread will serve you well on your healing journey. You will know when it is time to cut the cords!

love raven liora

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