spirit train tarot spread

The Spirit Train Tarot Spread

spirit train tarot spread

Staying on Track

It’s the New Moon in Pisces 2022. Let us focus today on intentions for staying on track with our mission as Spirit Warriors, Starseeds and Lightworkers. If you feel so inclined, give the Spirit Train Tarot Spread below a whirl. It was inspired by this message on YouTube by Opheana and Sikaal. I highly recommend listening to this message from Spirit for the month of March, as it will help you stay the course.

Whatever your calling is. No matter what label you use for your path. Now is the time to learn to stay on track for your mission.

Are we winning? Yes, we are. But now is not the time to drop the ball or slow down. We have a while to go yet! It’s not over until the fat lady sings, as the saying goes, and the Archons still have everything to play for. To them, every soul they destroy is a victory. We are not just fighting for an end goal. We are fighting to end suffering here and now and we have to begin with ourselves.

What About the Split in Timelines?

Humanity is at a crossroads. Since about April 2020, some spiritual teachers have said that the split has already happened and there are now two camps, one ascending and one staying firmly stuck in 3D. However, it’s not that simple. Unless we keep the faith and stay on track, we can make enough lower-vibrational choices to anchor back into 3D.

Equally, many who were stuck in the 3D narrative are only now awakening. If we are not positioned to light the path for them, with wisdom and compassion, the timeline for all of us changes. We are all connected, and –most importantly– we all have the same Mother. When we connect with Gaia-Sophia through our hearts, we receive guidance and nourishment, every step of the way.

The Spirit Train Tarot Spread

the spirit train tarot spread

1. My alignment with my True North (this shows how well you are able to embody and radiate your true Essence in the third dimension)

2. a+b a message from my Spirit Guides about where I’m at on the journey

3. a+b what I need shelter/retreat from

4. a+b how I can nurture myself onboard this train


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      Wow, I just looked at the URL (I don’t know why because I never do normally) and the page number is 111444 for your comment. That has got to mean something! Have fun with the spread! xoxo

      1. Wow
        Funny because I’m presently reading about difference between light worker and light warrior .
        Trying to figure out my label

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          Yeah, labels are funny things. They may be a good fit for a while… and then we outgrow them. I’m going with Revealer at the moment. It’s an old Gnostic term. But between Lightworker and Light Warrior, I’d definitely pick Warrior. My husband agrees haha!

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