starseed map and activation tarot spread

Starseed Map and Activation Tarot Spread

Starseed Map and Activation Tarot Spread
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Dear Starseed, if you are reading this please know that you are not here by chance. This channelled Tarot spread was created to help you at this critical time in Earth’s history. You are here to usher in the Age of Aquarius, the dawn of the Golden Age of the Holy Spirit. You incarnated into this 3D realm with a specific mission.

From a very young age, you felt that you had a unique purpose that you had to fulfill. That’s because you do. Though you forgot many things, you never entirely forgot that you are here for a reason. That reason is simply to serve the Light in the best way that you (and only you) can for the Highest Good.

There will have many times when you doubted yourself and your purpose but that is coming to an end now. All who are here on a similar path and with a similar (yet unique) mission are starting to remember. You are collectively also beginning to seek out and receive activations that will help you remember specific details about your individual missions.

This article and the accompanying Tarot spread contain light codes with activations for your mission. It is our prayer that it will serve you well and grant you clarity as well as connect you with your Star Family.

The Collective through Anandariel with thanks to the Galactic High Council and Prime Creator

The Starseed Mision Map and Activation Tarot Spread

Starseed Map and Activation Tarot Spread
  1. The part of your mission you are aware of
  2. Your main Starseed gift to Gaia and her inhabitants (read together with card 1 and 3)
  3. The part of your mission you are not yet aware of (this activation will lead to more signs and synchronicities)
  4. What distractions are falling away now (this activation will speed the process up)
  5. Next step on your mission (this activation gives you the courage to take the step)
  6. How this next step will impact the world
  7. A blessing from your Star Family. Use an oracle card for this and create an energetic key (sound and/or symbol) that will impart the blessing every time you need it. The energetic key will also facilitate communication with your Star Family. This key locks in all the other activations in this Tarot spread.



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