Tarot Wellness Weight Loss Tarot Spread

Weight Loss Tarot Spread

weight loss tarot spread

The weight loss tarot spread I’m sharing with you today is inspired by my own weight loss journey. In January this year, I began my own weight loss journey with a low-carb high-fat diet (LCHF), combined with intermittent fasting. While the keto lifestyle is not for everyone, it has massively improved my well-being levels, in addition to helping me shed about 25 pounds since I started in the middle of January. I’m not really wanting to lose any more weight, nor am I counting calories, but I’m staying on a ketogenic diet for all the many other health benefits I have gained.

As someone who has always been keen to stay fit, I was horrified at the state I found myself in at the start of this year. Not so much because of how it made me look but because my energy stores were so easily depleted and how weak I felt in general. I also had gradually worsening symptoms from chronic autoimmune conditions, such as Crohn’s, joint pain, eczema and asthma. 

Deciding on Keto

Fast approaching 50 in 2020, I knew I had to turn this around or I was going to die prematurely and most likely in great agony. In addition to my own underlying health conditions, having watched family members pass away from Alzheimer’s, I was keen to avoid this fate too, if at all possible. Reading up on a ketogenic diet, I realised this would be my safest bet. I had tried a vegan diet for six months (by the book) and it literally made all of my symptoms worse, which just goes to prove that not one size fits all since I do know people who thrive as vegans.

Curing Myself with Keto + IF

While I do not yet know if I am going to be able to avoid Alzheimer, it is safe to say my inflammation levels have gone down since I’m noticing an improvement in my other chronic conditions, which means I stand a chance, at least, of avoiding the most dreaded of all diseases, Alzheimer, also known as ‘Diabetes Type 3.’

People are keen to lose weight for all sorts of reasons and I do not judge any of them, just as I do not judge people who prefer to keep a bit of extra padding. If it weren’t for my rapidly worsening health, I may well have chosen to stay the weight I was back at the start of the year. I’m a mature woman and have no aesthetic need for a thigh gap or such. I liked my curves – I just didn’t like how I felt. 

My Biggest Non-Scale Victory

My biggest non-scale victory has got to be that I have been able to help my Type 1 diabetic husband stabilise his blood sugar levels, which means that he just added many years to his life! Like me, he too failed to thrive on a vegan diet.

Anyway, because of the progress we have both made health-wise this year, I decided to study to become health coach, specialising in a keto diet + intermittent fasting, so that I can help others who struggle with chronic autoimmune issues, or who simply wish to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time. 

What I learned both through my dietary studies and from experience is that wishing for weight to come off is not enough. We have to be mentally ready. Yesterday, I created a weight loss readiness quiz to help you see if you are ready to start your weight loss journey. Today, I’m following this up with a Tarot Wellness Weight Loss Tarot Spread.

Tarot Wellness Weight Loss Tarot Spread

  1. Main underlying emotional motivation for starting your weight loss journey
  2. A weakness / what to focus away from
  3. A strength / what to focus on
  4. Outside support/resource
  5. How to make the most of your journey

This Tarot spread can be used at the start of your weight loss journey but equally if you wish to start intermittent fasting for health reasons. I’m doing a sample reading below for rebooting my own IF journey with OMAD since I was feeling at my best with one meal a day.

You will notice that there is no fixed outcome position for this spread. It would be entirely counter-productive to have one (just as it would for reading on the outcome of an exam etc), since you are completely in charge and responsible for the actual outcome.

Ultimately, your outcome will be dependent on your ability to commit to your long- and short-term goals. This Tarot spread can help you understand triggers and motivators.

Sample Reading for Rebooting My OMAD Journey

Lo Scarabeo Pamela Colman Smith RWS Tarot
  1. Main underlying emotional motivation for rebooting my OMAD IF journey – 6 of Pentacles (Moon in Taurus). It’s all about feeling as good as possible in my body. The 6 of Pentacles (Moon/feelings) in Taurus (Taurus/Fixed Earth) is the perfect card for this. I want the kind of emotional stability I had when I was doing OMAD.
  2. A weakness/what to focus away from – Ace of Cups (Water). Identifying too much with my emotions.
  3. A strength/what to focus on – Page of Wands (Earth of Fire). Movement. Have fun exercising.
  4. Outside support/resource – 10 of Swords (Sun in Gemini). More research and finding inspiration online when I’m struggling.
  5. How to make the most of your journey – The High Priestess (The Moon). Focusing on the spiritual benefits most of all. Taking some daily quiet time will also help me become the Observer if I struggle emotionally. 

Summarising the reading above, I know I’m ready for the next phase. The 6 of Pentacles makes it easy for me to commit to steady progress over a longer period of time. The 6’s all relate to The Lovers – I’m making the most loving choice possible for myself on this journey!

Have you changed any of your health and wellness habits lately? I would have to hear about it in the comments! 

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love raven liora

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  1. Oh sorry, now I saw that you mentioned being vegan in your post but getting worse healthwise. I was very anemic when vegan 10 years ago so I can see that happening.

    1. Post

      Hi Alicia, yeah. I think it is mainly my gut health that prevents me from adopting a vegan diet. I’m sorry if my vegan bias at the time was overbearing. I’ve had to eat a lot of humble pie over that since… I don’t mind another helping. I was a dick.

      1. It’s so easy to get caught up in it, isn’t it? Some “groups” are quite convincing and manipulative… 😉 No worries, I’m glad you got out of it! 😉

  2. Weren’t you vegan a while back? I’m sure it was in your newsletter. Not judging here, I am not vegan and I know I unsubscribed because you seemed to have a typical vegan attitude.

  3. Good for you Lisa <3 I am a vegan at heart, and was a vegetarian/vegan for the best part of a decade, but I too suffered terribly health wise. I mean, even on a lowest of the low FODMAP diets, which is kind of similar to keto in some ways, my body still struggles with maintaining iron, and that's with the vegan supplement that I still take to this day! Sometimes, it is survival, and you're not able to follow what the heart wants, but judgy mcjudgejudges are everywhere. For the last two years I have been rebuilding my body, and my energy levels and fitness is awesome. I have had small gains disease wise, nothing major, but I keep plugging away. My husband however, with his Hashimoto's and becoming an egg and fish eating vegetarian is going so well. My goodness, his levels are amazing and we hope for great things for him. One thing I have learned on this digestion journey (ew), is that one size will never fit all and you really have no choice but to stop making excuses (as I was to remain vegan) and not just listen to your body, but do what it needs. So again, good for you and all of the best as you continue to thrive <3

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