Ace of Cups

Tarot card meanings and correspondences for the Ace of Cups

“Now may every living thing, young or old,
weak or strong, living near or far, known or
unknown, living or departed or yet unborn,
may every living thing be full of bliss.”
~ The Dhammapada

The Ace of Cups is the bliss of unconditional love that so few of us know how to contain for extended periods of time. Because to contain it we must wish it upon every single living being. Bliss is not something we can only experience more of once we realise deeply and live the reality that we all belong to each other.

In a Tarot reading, the Ace of Cups signifies a new emotional beginning and an opening of the heart. It can mean falling in love, but whether or not it will lead to reciprocal love and an actual relationship is not clear yet.

However, it can also signify deep and lasting devotion in a reading where the seeker has learned to contain unconditional love for all living beings. This is the person who has learned to live in a continuous state of bliss and who is truly blessed. Such a person touches the souls of others without having to say much. Their complete acceptance of every single soul makes their presence healing.


Affirmation: “I accept that we all belong to each other and open my heart to love every living being unconditionally.”


Ace of Cups Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God (or whichever higher power you acknowledge), thank you for passing me the cup of bliss. Holy Spirit, help me to wish every living being well today. Flow through me so that all I touch may feel your healing touch. So mote it be!


Correspondences for the Ace of Cups

Element: Water

Archangel: Gabriel (Ruler of the Water Element)

Gemstone: Moonstone

Scent: Jasmine


The Ace of Cups in Love and Relationship Tarot Readings

The Ace of Cups is often found in a reading at the start of a great new love relationship but it could simply meaning falling in love. For reciprocal love we want the 2 of Cups.

The highest aspect of this card is the gift of unconditional love, which is a chance for the divine to shine through us.

This is the most emotionally intimate of all the Aces, relating directly to an outpouring of love. If you find this card in a reading and know that it relates to how you feel about someone, you may want to make sure they feel the same as you are likely to get powerfully hooked on them if you ‘go there.’

Reversed or ill dignified, it can indicate withholding affection or devotion.

This is also a symbol of conception, heralding a pregnancy, especially together with The Empress or The Sun.