Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

taurus new moon solar eclipse

In the May general reading for the Spirit Warrior collective, I briefly talk about the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 30 April and how to best prepare for it. Today, we are looking at a Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot spread. This New Earth Tarot spread will help us get the most out of the next six months. As opposed to a normal New Moon, the influence of an eclipse is longer-lasting. That is why it is good to prepare and plan ahead.

One of the most extraordinary talking points for this upcoming eclipse is the conjunction with Uranus. We also have a sextile to Mars in Pisces. During the eclipse, Venus is conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, boosting relationship harmony. Venus is, of course, the ruler of Taurus so this is highly auspicious.

Tuning In

When I tune into these energies, Spirit tells me that those who chose to walk through the Libra Portal of Peace at the most recent Full Moon are well prepared to integrate all the eclipse energies. The main momentum we can use to move forward during the New Moon is for liberation from the old ways. In my mind’s eye, I see outworn traditional ways of doing things shattering like glass. Uranus and Mars energise our imagination and higher mind to envision the New Earth we can dream into being now.

The more loosely we hold to our own ingrained habits and patterns, the better we will be able to participate in this re-imagining of life on Earth for ascended humanity. This is why a fast was recommended in the reading for the collective.

New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

taurus new moon solar eclipse tarot spread
  1. What I need to release (eclipse)
  2. Area of my life most affected by this eclipse (opportunity for a total reboot) (eclipse)
  3. Something that will energise me and stimulate my imagination/higher mind in the next 6 months (Mars + Uranus)
  4. Area of society that will most benefit from my unique talents (Uranus)
  5. How to put my talents to work to co-create New Earth (Mars)
  6. Where I can apply more beauty/harmony/compassion (Venus-Jupiter-Neptune)
  7. Wild card – With Uranus in the mix we need to expect the unexpected. This card can be chosen from an oracle deck if you like. It will give you at least an idea of how to prepare for the unexpected.
love raven liora

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