The Corona Tarot Spread for Extraordinary Times

The Corona Tarot Spread for Extraordinary Times

The Corona Tarot Spread for Extraordinary Times

Hello my dear friends! We are in lockdown in the UK and it’s Aries season. I hope you are well and staying strong. Aries is a warrior archetype, so today I felt inspired to create a Corona Tarot spread to help us crown (corona – pun totally intended) our inner warrior so that we can rise up and be the best version of ourselves in these extraordinary times.

If you want to know what your personal warrior style is, take a look at what sign and house Mars (ruler of Aries) is in your chart.

For more inspiration to raise your Fire/Aries energy (we all have Aries in our charts), check out THIS tarot spread that I created for Aries Season and THIS tarot spread created for the spring equinox (first day of Aries season).

Aries energy is tricky for a lockdown since movement (lots of it!) is the best remedy to diffuse hot tempers, irritability and outright anger that tend to rise more easily when Aries energy is strong. I’m thinking especially of people who are in lockdowns in big cities. Crank up your favourite tunes and DANCE! (with headphones on if your flat/apartment is not sound-proofed)

Those of you who are anxious and feeling isolated, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends online! I’m here for you too – feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or worries.

I never promised you it would be easy; I only promised you the truth.


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