gebo elder futhark rune meanings

Gebo Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

gebo elder futhark rune meanings

Gebo – Rune of Meaningful Exchange

Gebo is the rune that helps us find balance in giving and receiving. It shows equal parts acceptance, trust and care. There are no reversals for this rune but depending on other runes present, it can highlight inequality and situation where one person is a giver and another a taker. Spiritually, it is a rune of trusting that all our needs are met.

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

Gebo (aka gifu) means gift or present. Hence it is also a reminder to be fully present in the moment, trusting that all is as it should be.

Gift-giving was a big deal in Norse culture. A gift meant that you were obliged to reciprocate. This quote from the Havamal (Odin’s wisdom) illustrates the concept:

A man should be loyal through life to friends, and return gift for gift, laugh when they laugh, but with lies repay a false foe who lies.

In relationship readings, Gebo is a welcome rune as it usually indicates reciprocity and joy in coming together.

The shape of this rune is harmonious and shows both lines leaning in on each other equally, signifying healthy interdependence and an even flow of give and take.

The X-shape is also an ‘X marks the spot’ and in this case, we are talking about the sweet spot where everybody is happy with how things are because everybody is having their needs met.


Divinatory Meanings


Giving and receiving, a meaningful exchange, reciprocity, harmony, being fully present and trusting all is well.

Love & Relationships 

A reciprocal love relationship or friendship. Issues around giving and receiving (depending on surrounding runes).


Establishing a good self-care routine to make sure that we are charged up before we start giving to others. Taking exercise to ensure a healthy blood flow or practising lymph drainage/dry brushing.


Opportunities, proposals and partnerships where everyone is contributing and doing their fair share. However, depending on surrounding runes someone could be receiving backhanders.

Holistic Healing Tips for Gebo

Colour therapy for the Gebo rune would be green for homeostasis and pink for self-love if you are someone who tends to overgive. You can use yellow for improved communication in close relationships.

You can use Gebo as a gratitude chant (GAY-boe or YEE-boe) to feel more trusting and grateful for present circumstances.

Sitting meditation for when you are feeling drained: draw the rune across your heart and breathe in light in the colour you intuit you need through the heart chakra until you have recharged fully.

Wear a Gebo necklace as a reminder to not engage with takers and to establish harmony in all your relationships. It’s an equally great reminder for someone who tends to be more of a taker but they probably won’t be reading this.

Use together with Kenaz and Wunjo to draw the Right One to you in love spells.

Draw the Gebo rune on your palms first thing in the morning to remind yourself to give from the heart and to touch everything with trust and gratitude.


  • I attract harmonious and reciprocal relationships.
  • I am excellent at self-care and charging back up.
  • I have meaningful exchanges in all my interactions.
  • My love life is harmonious.
  • I support others and find support in return.
  • I trust in the goodness of the Universe.
  • I am at peace in the constant flow of divine exchange between the forces of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

Gebo Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, Thank you that it is perfectly alright to trust that all is well here and now. Please help me attract even more harmonious relationships and circumstances into my life. Thank you that the divine exchange taking place in the Cosmos is reflected in my own being in harmonious ways. Amen and so it is!

Gebo and Hyperborean Water Magic

In Hyperborea, we used the runes for water magic to imprint the water with our intentions and help the energy circulate where it was needed. We created elixirs and essences that carried the energy of an individual rune or a combination of runes. These potions were also applied to bath water and to bodies of water in the environment.

How to Charge the Water

  • Draw the rune over your glass or another glass vessel with the pointer and middle finger on your dominant hand.
  • Chant the name of the rune three times.
  • Visualise the rune glimmering in the colour of your choice as you chant (see colour correspondences above)
  • Visualise the light from the rune charging every molecule in the water until the light expands beyond the glass. When the light has formed an aura around the glass that you can either see or feel with your hands, it is ready to drink/use.

Gebo Water Magic for Yourself

For self-love, releasing energy blocks (including creative blocks), restoring circulatory flow (blood and lymph) and improving communication with loved ones.

Gebo Water Magic for the Environment

To restore peace to war-torn locations. Project the rune from a distance onto large bodies of water in areas that are unsafe to visit.

You can also use Gebo to restore a healthy flow in a stagnant body of water.

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