The Heart Abundance Tarot Spread

The Scarcity Lie

Scarcity is a lie. And yet, so many of us are deeply rooted in that lie. So much so that we keep self-sabotaging our ability to prosper and experience abundance. Today we are going to shift the scarcity belief with the Heart Abundance Tarot Spread. This Tarot spread will help you connect with your ability to generate abundance from the heart. The heart is much more powerful than the mind. And it is the mind that has bought into the scarcity lie.

The inspiration for this Tarot spread came from listening to the latest video by Margarita Alcantar, ‘The #1 Mistake Lightworker Women Make When It Comes To Creating Their Wealth.’ Something deep inside me clicked when she talked about how the inability to receive abundance is directly linked with the inability to receive love. I knew then I had been guided by Spirit to hear her words. This is especially poignant since I have been working actively on opening my heart to unconditional love since the start of the Eclipse Season.

When I heard Margarita say those words, the question that arose from my heart in response was, ‘How does my heart connect me with the abundance that is mine?’ Because on my highest, most abundant timeline, my wealth=my love for all of life. I know this to be true. Call it claircognizance if you like. I just know it without knowing how I know it.

The Heart Abundance Timeline

On this timeline, I have stopped limiting myself and worrying about scarcity. I just do what I love and allow people to share their abundance with me in exchange for the goods and services I provide. We are all deeply connected in love and appreciation for each other’s gifts through the heart on this timeline. That is how it is meant to be. My timeline is not exceptional. Yours will be similar. Because this is what 5D living looks like, my friends.

The Heart Abundance timeline generates more abundance for everyone because anything that is made with love provides exceptional value.

The Heart Abundance Tarot Spread

  1. The type of work your heart is calling you to do to generate abundance for everyone.
  2. The essence and/or energetic impact of this work.
  3. What your work inspires in others.
  4. How you can go about this work.
  5. Your ideal client/customer.
  6. How you can support your client/customer.
  7. Specifically how you can help them (read with card 1).
  8. How they will prosper by working with or buying from you.
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