The True Light Tarot Spread

be the light - true light tarot spread

The True Light Tarot Spread is a Tarot spread for Spirit Warriors who are not sure about their mission blueprint. So if you identify as a Spirit Warrior who does not want to put off living a meaningful life until you are ‘fully aligned’ with your mission blueprint, this Tarot spread is for you. Also, and this is a little-known fact; Not all Spirit Warriors have a mission blueprint that is specific. For some of us, it simply reads… BE the Light of this world, whenever and wherever you can.

Like anything that is true, your true light comes from inside yourself. Nobody else can access or tap into it for you. Yet your true light is what is most needed by those around you. So, you see, you have to decide to connect with it daily and then will it to shine it as liberally as possible. You can use this Tarot spread to help facilitate the connection within and discern how and where your light is most needed in the world right now.

The idea for the True Light Tarot Spread was born during my morning meditative practice of writing morning pages. I asked Spirit, ‘What is the point of it all when most people seem to want to remain enslaved?’ From the Void, Spirit answered: ‘The point is for you to EXPERIENCE being the Light in a dark world.’ Everything else, I was told, is to be seen as a bonus. So, Spirit Warriors, we all have the same memo… Let’s get to work!

The True Light Tarot Spread

the true light tarot spread
  1. What season or circumstance you will respond to
  2. What your Higher Self wishes to give birth to through you in that circumstance
  3. How this might benefit those around you
  4. How to partner with Spirit as events unfold
  5. Shining your true light may look like this

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  1. Another insightful and helpful spread.
    Hope you’re feeling better. The world needs your light!

    I’ll be doing this later on.

    1. Post

      I am, thanks, Tara. I got some good help from a couple of excellent energy healers. I’m glad you like the spread and hope you enjoy reading with it! xo

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