torquaret angel of autumn

Torquaret Angel of Autumn Tarot Spread

torquaret angel of autumn

According to the 18th-century occultist, Francis Barrett, in his book The Magus (free PDF), the Angel of Autumn is Torquaret. Tarquam and Guabbarel are co-rulers. Barrett drew heavily on the works of Cornelius Agrippa. However, because he lived in the ‘Age of Enlightenment,’ he added his own modernisations to the works of the 16th-century polymath.

The following statement by Barrett express his views on magick:

The magical power is in the inward or inner man. A certain proportion of the inner man longs for the external in all things. When the person is in the appropriate disposition an appropriate connection between man and object can be attained.

By the way, I think it is safe to say that many of us metaphysically inclined folks are unwittingly inspired by the writings of Francis Barret. His work is often referenced without credit, so I’m making a point of giving credit where credit is due.

Who is Torquaret?

The name Torquaret is pronounced Tor-Kah-RAY. Chances are you have not heard of Torquaret or the other angels ruling the Seasons. That’s okay according to Torquaret himself. He likes to remain anonymous for the most part but has kindly allowed me to share today’s Tarot spread with you. The Angel of Autumn Tarot spread will allow you to familiarise yourself with some of the qualities of Torquaret. It will also help you get the most from this beautiful Season.

Torquaret is an angel of the harvest and of work in general. He can help us take stock of the year so far. That way, we are in a better position to have our stores replenished in time for winter. He also helps us let go of what would only clutter up the store rooms. If we are feeling less than enthusiastic about the work we do, he can help us rekindle our passion for our mission/life purpose.

Like Menadel, ruler of the five days around the Autumn Equinox, Torquaret is strongly opposed to any kind of slavery or forced labour. He wishes to liberate mankind and to help us all live in peace with each other, for the Highest Good. You can read a story that illustrates this HERE. And you will find a channelled message from Torquaret HERE.

Angel of Autumn Tarot Spread

the angel of autumn tarot spread
  1. Main Work Theme for Autumn
  2. What I need to let go of
  3. What I need to stock up on
  4. How to rekindle passion for my work
  5. What my main challenge is in terms of financial success
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