trauma trigger tarot spread

Trauma Trigger Tarot Spread

the trauma trigger tarot spread

This Trauma Trigger Tarot Spread is deceptively simple. It is only three cards but they are inspired by Hegelian dialectics to help you transcend the trigger. First, we look at what is being triggered (thesis). Next, we look at why (antithesis/what is incomplete). Finally, we look at the deeper understanding that will emerge once the synthesis of the tension between cards one and two takes place.

Please note that I do not recommend using Tarot instead of proper medical treatment if you suffer from trauma of any kind. However, I do see the Tarot as a good tool to use for introspection once healing is underway.

Before doing this reading, it is important that you give yourself some time to get back into the body once you realise that dysregulation is taking place. You need to be able to remain relatively calm and centred when doing the reading.

I highly recommend doing this reading as soon as possible after the trigger though. It is good to place the insights you gain from the reading between the state of dysregulation and having to make any important decisions.

Trauma Trigger Tarot Reading with the Tarot of Mystical Moments

trauma trigger tarot sample reading with the tarot of mystical moments
Tarot of Mystical Moments (affiliate link)
  1. Thesis – This is triggered. Seven of Wands. I feel a need to defend myself. I no longer feel safe. I am angry. This reminds me of fierce opposition in the past and an incident of public shaming.
  2. Antithesis – This is incomplete. Queen of Pentacles. This Queen wants to nurture me. What is incomplete is the understanding that this is happening for me rather than to me. Every trigger carries its own unique lesson. The trigger is happening so that I understand that my body always tells the truth. I can trust my body. And when I can trust my body, I can begin to trust the world around me.
  3. Synthesis – New understanding. King of Swords. The lag between the messages of my mind/emotions and the messages of my body will be a thing of the past. I can look at things that used to trigger me with greater objectivity. I will be able to keep my peace of mind and instruct my body to stay calm. Breathwork also springs to mind, look at the card image. I use the breath to actively link/unite my body with my thoughts and emotions.

You may also find the Religious Trauma Tarot Spread helpful.

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