owning your power with tarot spread

Wholeness Comes from Owning Your Power (with Tarot Spread)

rewild yourself! owning your power is the way to wholeness

You Are Already Whole

What if you are still in need of healing because of one thing and one thing alone? Could this one thing be owning your power and realising that you already are whole? What a wholesome sense of wholeness has only evaded you due to Matrix Programming of extraterrestrial origins?

‘Say what now, Lisa!?’

As someone who struggled with a sense of powerlessness for much of my life, I felt fragmented and as if I was constantly searching for a remedy of some kind. Grace became the pat answer. I always needed more grace. I couldn’t get enough. Perhaps I wasn’t ‘chosen’ or ‘worthy’… Perhaps that was why it seemed so elusive? I was always and forever questioning if I believed in the right things instead of trusting my inner knowing.

The Fragmentation Process

In my case, this sense of powerlessness has its physical roots in a tangible event. The culmination of my lessons in disempowerment happened when I was 12 years old. Up until that point, I remember my father telling me many times that my will was still growing in the blueberry forest (a very Swedish saying).

I lived in constant fear of punishment as it was but it was about to get a whole lot worse. When I was 12 years old, my father punched me in the solar plexus as I was lying in bed. This was the punishment he thought I deserved for giggling with my one-year younger sister. For a couple of minutes, the force of the blow made it impossible for me to breathe. I thought I was going to die. When I could finally breathe, my father had already left the room. Every night after this event, I feared that he might kill me in my sleep.

But as much as this event shaped me, I have since realised that the roots go much deeper…

The Ways We Are Programmed to Give Our Power Away

My father was the victim of abuse who became the perpetrator. But the abuse is also systematic in society and embedded in the Judeo-Christian mindset. Not long ago, I came to the conclusion that the entire Abrahamic religious paradigm was born out of collective CPTSD. I have to admit that I’m quite proud that I arrived at this conclusion by myself and not through reading about it somewhere. I simply extrapolated what I experienced on a personal level and the pattern became obvious.

It was only a few months later that I came across John Lamb Lash. Lash theorises that our current narrative is born out of a victim-perpetrator mindset of Abrahamic origins so not too dissimilar. For anybody truly wishing to understand the world we live in today, I strongly recommend ‘Not In His Image‘ by John Lamb Lash.

According to the Judeo-Christian paradigm, the only way out is to bow down to a vengeful and blood-thirsty, misogynist extraterrestrial deity. I’m now rather baffled that I ever thought that this was a good idea. However, it is wrapped so carefully in terms like grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love that it is not that difficult to understand how we were duped and gaslighted into toeing the line. Add to the mix the promise of eternal safety in the afterlife and I can quite easily understand how the first Swedish woman to surrender to Christian missionaries, Frideborg (my namesake), gained her place in the Swedish saints’ calendar.

The Way Out

Not only does Lash provide a clear understanding of how and why we have subjected ourselves to control by the authorities in the current narrative but he provides us with a way out. The way out is reconnecting with the Earth/Star Mother whom he refers to as Gaia-Sophia. Sophia, Lady Wisdom, is a Gnostic term. Gaia-Sophia is the telluric intelligence and earth is the dream body of that amazing intelligence. You and I are part of her dream body. By practicing gratitude to her, we grow and prosper like flowers reaching for the sun.

This is the opposite of the current Judeo-Christian fear paradigm that facilitated the global plandemic unleashed on the world a couple of years ago by the Build Back Better WEF ‘elites.’ Without thousands of years of pre-programming for humanity to bend to the will of outside authorities, they could never have gotten this far. Lash clearly outlines how the Gnostics warned us of the current take-over attempt by the Archons, two thousand years ago.

However, it is not too late for us to rise up and simply say ‘NO.’ To help you on your way to owning your power and realise that you are whole (no ‘saviour’ needed), I refer you to the Owning Your Power Tarot spread below.

Owning Your Power Tarot Spread

1. Lingering archontic programming

2. Challenge to clearing it

3. What I know deeply

4. My blind spot

5. How I used to relate to personal power

6. How I relate to personal power now

Bonus mantra: I do not comply!

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  1. I always said I would name my daughter (if I had children) Sophia. Then the woman who was the love of my youth ended up naming her first daughter Sophia. How fitting.

    That being said, I now relate to the pure teachings of Jesus separate from the religion that was designed around him to control us. John Lash was a major influence in this shift for me. Then I came across Paramahansa Yogananda’s writings about Jesusea

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  2. Love this Lisa, thank you. I’m looking forward to reading ‘Not in his Image’. My darling baby granddaughter is called Sophia and was born in November 2020. My daughter and I can see that she’s such a beautiful intuitive soul and that she (and others like her) will help to establish the New Earth.

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