2022-2023 Year of the Water Tiger

Year of the Water Tiger Tarot Spread

year of the water tiger with tarot spread

The Chinese New Year begins with the New Moon in Aquarius. We are changing from the energy of the Metal Ox to the Water Tiger. The ox likes to plod along but with the tiger, we can expect more sudden and explosive changes. I have created a Water Tiger Tarot Spread to help us figure out what this might mean on a personal level.

The Tiger is known as the breath of the world in Chinese Astrology. Preparing our minds for what lies ahead on a societal level as well might not be a bad idea. If you listen to this video, you get a sense of the energy we are dealing with collectively. The video also details big changes that happened during past Tiger years. And in this video, you can learn what the Year of the Water Tiger might bring for your Chinese Zodiac Sign.

Personal Themes During the Year of the Water Tiger

The hero is a main theme during the Year of the Tiger. This energy makes us want to strive for something bigger and better. No doubt, some of us will find that we leap onto something that seems more attractive and/or lucrative before thinking things through.

Tiger carries pent-up, restless energy. For some of us, this will make us eager to move forward before it is time to actually do so. This restless energy is what eventually makes us take that leap into the unknown.

Indecisiveness is also associated with Tiger. Coupled with restlessness, this can lead to scattered energy. You could feel blocked without realising why but the block could literally be there because you won’t make your mind up and take action/leap. The best way forward is to make your mind up, stop procrastinating and come up with an action plan.

Don’t be afraid if the leap you take after formulating your plan ends up being a bit (or a lot) bigger than anticipated–It’s totally normal during a Tiger year!

Think back to the most recent Tiger year, 2010, and think how that impacted you. This will help you understand what lies ahead.

Societal Themes During the Year of the Water Tiger

Because of the explosive energy of the Tiger, we can expect more social unrest this year. I don’t think any of us have to rely on Astrology to be able to predict this though, simply based on where we are already at (boiling point).

So what might this look like? Scaled up protests globally, leaders resigning or being forced to resign, posturing, conflicts, skirmishes, revolts, and even war breaking out. Expect most of the disruption to happen during the first six months of the Year of the Tiger. The second half will gradually become quieter.

Become a prepper this year. Stocking up on foods, pure water, and other necessities won’t hurt! Extremes in weather can be another reason for wanting to be prepared for any eventuality.

Year of the Water Tiger Tarot Spread

year of the water tiger tarot spread

1. How my energy meets that of the Water Tiger

2. What I need to be aware of in terms of the Hero’s Journey

3. How restlessness might affect me

4. What I need to be aware of before I take any leap this year

5. The area of my life where I should expect to take the biggest leap

I blogged my reading with this Tarot spread HERE.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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