avoid damaging questions for your tarot reader

Warning: Are You Asking Damaging Questions of Your Tarot Reader?

Warning: Are You Asking Damaging Questions of Your Tarot Reader?
Unless you know what questions to ask!!

Are you asking damaging questions of your Tarot reader? There are basically two main categories of questions you could potentially ba asking. In the first category, we find questions that are empowering. In the second category, we find questions that are potentially disempowering and therefore harmful. It is the second category that is our focus in today’s post.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

C.G. Jung

Many people who go to see a Tarot reader don’t really know what to expect. Nor do they understand that the question they ask of the Tarot reader lays the foundation for how useful and empowering the guidance they receive will actually be to them. It is obviously the job of the Tarot professional to explain these matters to the client. However, not all Tarot professionals feel it is their job to do so. Nor are all Tarot readers fully aware of how important the question is.

And let’s be honest, many of the psychic phone line readers are charlatans who couldn’t care less about giving useful or empowering guidance. Their main aim is to keep you hooked to your phone for as long as possible.

In today’s post, I will share the most damaging types of questions many clients are asking so that you can avoid them altogether. Knowing what questions to avoid will also keep you safe if you encounter a reader who isn’t ethical.

Top 5 Types of Damaging Questions to Avoid

1. Will I…?

Questions beginning with ‘Will I… ?’ So, for instance, ‘Will I become rich?’ or ‘Will I pass my exam?’ Rephrase them to, for example, ‘How can I become more financially abundant?’ and ‘What do I need to know about passing my exam?’ The future is not set in stone. Don’t hand your destiny over to ‘fate’ or to some dodgy fortune-teller. Fate only controls your future until you decide to take charge of your destiny. ‘Will I…?’ questions are incredibly disempowering. The best way to predict your future is definitely to create it. The Tarot can show you how.

2. Manipulation of Love Interest

Questions that seek to control the actions of a love interest. Whether knowingly or on a more subconscious level, many clients ask about their love interest in a way that allows them to gain greater control in the relationship. While understandable, since most of us seek to avoid the discomfort of making ourselves vulnerable, vulnerability is the only thing that eventually leads to deep intimacy. Seeking to control or manipulate another person to conform with our own will or desire is karmically damaging to the manipulating party.

3. Life Purpose

Asking, ‘What is my life purpose?’ – Nobody but you can answer this! This is the one answer that must always arise from within. It is from intimacy with Source that the answer springs forth. You have to enter the inner sanctum, the wedding chamber where your soul and spirit marry to find this answer. If someone else catches a glimpse of your anointing, then please bear in mind that they can only see in part what you alone can see completely.

Also, keep in mind that your complete purpose (even when you are certain of your ‘Big Why’) may not be revealed even to you until the work you do is completed. You are required to trust in your inner guidance and keep moving forward with faith. Do not limit what Spirit seeks to do through you by applying a label that someone else finds it convenient to slap on you.

4. Distant Future

Seeking to know the far-distant future. This often overlaps with the ‘Will I…?’ type questions and they are then typically followed by ‘Will I ever…?’ This is definitely the most damaging way of asking a question of the Tarot because it closes you down to positive, proactive change unless ‘fate’ delivers something better sometime in the future. Here’s the thing, the future can only be foretold if events are already on a set trajectory. This is a) rarely the case and b) if it is, it concerns the near future. The magical axiom ‘Spell long; divine short’ still holds.

5. Asking About Others (Psychic Spying)

Third-party questions in general. Asking questions about other people without their consent can add to your own karmic burden. It is also rarely useful since the only person’s life you can control is your own. Where the Tarot shines is when you use it as a mirror for your own soul, seeking to correct that which has brought you out of alignment with your True Self. However, asking how to best help another person is okay.

Where Do Damaging Questions Come From?

Questions that do more damage than good always come from the ego. They are aimed at one of two things: a) obtaining an object or person that the ego desires or b) avoiding unpleasant consequences. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with either of these objectives, it can cause harm if there is a lack of awareness of how the ego’s desires link with (or not) the Highest Good and our potential for personal and spiritual growth.

How to Impress Your Tarot Reader

Next time you go for a reading, prepare your question(s) carefully. Do this by considering where you are now as opposed to where you want to be. Then carefully formulate a pointed question(s) that will get you from a) where you are now to b) where you wish to be. These types of questions typically begin with ‘What do I need to know about…?’ and ‘How can I…?’ Ask with your own growth potential in mind, as well as the Highest Good for All.

A fated mindset can fix a trajectory and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it almost never does so in a positive direction. Alignment with your life purpose and destiny requires a growth mindset and is an active process that requires you to be wide awake to all of life’s opportunities, as well as to your own inner guidance. When you allow someone else to hand you your fate, you close down to many of the opportunities you will encounter along the way. Be the captain of your own destiny! When you decided to take charge of your life, you can use the Tarot to take you all the way to the top!


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