the 7 most empowering questions to ask of the tarot

7 Empowering Questions to Ask of the Tarot

The 7 Most Empowering Questions for Tarot Readings

Asking empowering questions during a tarot reading can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal development. Your Tarot reading can only be as empowering as the question you ask. So today we look at how to unlock your potential for growth with the Tarot. The seven empowering questions below are all designed to maximise your potential for positive transformation.

Like to Ask Empowering Questions when You Read for Yourself?

For each of the questions below, I recommend working with The Clarity Tarot Spread (aka ‘The Only Tarot Spread You’ll Ever Need). When working with this spread, the first card is the direct answer to your question and the other cards expand on it, providing useful guidance on how to best move forward.

Need Objective Input?

Every now and again, we can all do with someone else objectively analysing the cards for us. If you are drawn to one of the questions below but doubt your ability to read on it for yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a Tarot reading with me. Having someone else read the cards for you can also be an amazingly empowering experience. I like to think of it like going to the hairdresser for a haircut. This too can be an empowering experience and no less so because I’m not doing the actual cutting myself.

The Top 7 Empowering Questions to Ask the Tarot for Personal Growth and Transformation

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1. What is the lesson I need to learn right now?

By asking the question, “What is the lesson I need to learn right now?” the Tarot can shed light on patterns, behaviours, and experiences that might be holding us back or preventing us from reaching our full potential. Through the symbolism and messages of the Tarot cards, we can gain a fresh perspective and understanding of our circumstances, enabling us to navigate through our current lessons with greater wisdom and awareness.

This is a great question to use with the Clarity Tarot Spread because it gives you two layers of meaning thanks to taking the quint. So first you get a sense of the lesson you need to learn in more practical terms. But you also see the overarching spiritual theme. The latter gives you a birdseye view that allows you to see how this lesson ties on with bigger life themes or themes for spiritual development.

2. What strength or quality should I embrace right now?

The Tarot can be a powerful tool for helping us embrace our strengths, talents, and positive traits. Some of us really need some help with this because we tend to be overly self-critical. If you fall into this category, I suggest focusing on this question for an extended period of time, allowing the Tarot to illuminate different positive aspects of your personality. Notice the difference it will make to your overall mindset!

When we ask the Tarot to reveal the strengths and qualities we should embrace, it offers us insight and guidance into our unique abilities and how we can best have a positive impact on the world. The cards act as mirrors, reflecting back to us this inherent potential within us. It becomes easier to believe what we see in the Mirror of the Tarot if we use it together with positive affirmations.

For the purpose of using this question with the Clarity Tarot Spread, you will obviously only focus on one of your strengths/positive qualities. Do not be dismayed if a seemingly dark or negative card shows up in response to this question. Go to the Tarot Card Meanings Index and find out what the positive meaning of this card is. Remember, all cards contain the full spectrum of light and dark!

3. What limiting belief do I need to release?

Addressing this question with the help of the Clarity Tarot Spread can help you identify any self-imposed limitations or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, allowing you to release them and move forward.

The Clarity Tarot Spread not only helps you identify the limiting belief; it helps you see the subconscious component underpinning it. You can then move on to using the Tarot with EFT or another healing modality to dissolve the energetic blockage.

4. What opportunity lies ahead for me?

This question is amazing any time you need the Tarot to light a fire under your feet and get you moving in the direction of your dreams. Think of the specific area in which you would like to make progress before laying the cards out. If you can’t think of a specific goal, just ask that the Tarot show you the opportunity that best aligns you with your life purpose/Divine Will.

Pay particular attention to the action advice card in the Clarity Tarot Spread and make sure you implement this guidance immediately!

5. What action(s) can I take to manifest my desire?

This question encourages the tarot to offer guidance on the practical steps you can take to manifest your intentions and transform your dreams into reality. If you are using the Clarity Tarot Spread, the first card will show you the main type of action required through the process of manifestation for the specific desire you have in mind. Please make sure to set the intention for a specific desire before you start the reading.

The action advice card will show the specific actionable step you need to take right now. It could be the first step if you have not yet begun the process of manifestation other than in your mind. Pay attention to any of the change and transformation Tarot cards as they could alert you that you need to change direction in order to succeed. This is also true if one of these cards is the crossing card, representing the main challenge.

6. What aspect of my life need healing?

This query prompts a reflection on an area of your life that may require healing and nurturing, allowing you to focus on self-care and personal transformation. It can show you the underlying cause(s) of any suffering you are currently experiencing. And it also provides you with a valuable action step for alleviating that suffering.

We often somatise our emotional pain. So you could for instance approach this reading thinking that your life is pretty much in order but you are suffering from constant stomach pain. In this instance, the Tarot will mirror back to you what it is you can’t stomach so that you can begin eliminating it from your life or find a way of taking tension/charge out of the situation with, for instance, EFT tapping.

7. What is the next step in my personal development journey?

This is an excellent question to ask when everything else in your life is in order and you are ready for your next big adventure in terms of growth and transformation. Again, the Clarity Tarot Spread will provide a multi-layered reading, showing both mundane, spiritual and subconscious aspects of why you may wish to take this step. The choice to then take that step is still up to you, of course!

Empowering Questions to Ask of the Tarot Final Thoughts

Today we have learned some ways in which empowering questions during tarot readings can facilitate self-discovery and personal growth. Mercury goes retrograde today (23 August 2023) and Venus is retrograde until 3 September. So right now is an excellent time to dive deep into self-reflection with any of the questions we covered in today’s post.

While I recommend using the Clarity Tarot Spread, you can of course try the questions above with any general spread of your choice or your personal go-to spread that is flexible enough to accommodate these empowering questions!

Did I miss any important empowering questions? Please let me know in the comments.

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