7 Health Benefits and 7 Magickal Properties of the Sun

sun magick

Just for today, let us focus only on the healing power and properties of the sun. You are already aware of the health risks and the need for a high SPF sun screen… but the truth is, without the sun there would be no life, no joy and no warmth. The healing power of the sun has been known for millenia. There isn’t a single culture on the planet that has not worshipped the sun as either a God or Goddess at some point… Shamans of old knew of the power of the sun to heal the mind from depression. So let us celebrate and harness the power of the sun today!

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”
― Nathaniel Hawthorne

According to epidemiologist Robyn Lucas at Australian National University, analysis of lifespan versus disease shows that far more lives worldwide could be lost to diseases caused by lack of sunlight than to those caused by too much. Therefore, it is inappropriate to recommend total avoidance of sunlight. 

Seven positive properties of the sun and the effects exposure have on health

  • Improves psoriasis
  • Contributes to a robust circadian rhythm (better sleep)
  • Increased energy levels and libido
  • Safely increases levels of vitamin D (better bone health)
  • Boosts the immune system, cancer prevention
  • Reduces SADS (seasonal affective disorder) and  depression
  • Improves health in Alzheimer patients (less agitation)

Esoterically, the Sun is a major player too. It corresponds to Archangel Michael, chief of Angels, and in the natal chart, it represents the self/personality. In the Tarot, The Sun is a sign of success and victory. The numerological correspondence is 1 and the colour is gold.

You can harness the occult power of the Sun by performing solar magick. This type of magick should ideally be done on a Sunday and during the hour of the Sun. There is an online planetary hour calculator you can use to find out when the hour of the Sun is on any given day.

Seven types of spells that benefit from drawing on the power of the Sun

  • Spells for greater vitality/improved health
  • Spells to increase your happiness levels
  • Confidence/courage spells
  • Freedom spells
  • Weather spells for sunny skies
  • Truth spells
  • Charisma spells

Any spell you cast will always work best if you use your own words unless you happen to find a spell that resonates perfectly. Use rhyme and chant the words of the spell three times or three times three. Strengthen the intent by lighting a candle in the corresponding colour. A spell candle for solar magick should be gold-coloured and you can anoint it with cinnamon or frankincense to empower it further. You may also wish to mark the candle with a symbol for your wish.


I ask to be free from this binding cord
Oh Michael, with your mighty sword
Sever all bonds between _____ and me
Thank you, Michael, so mote it be!

The intent is strengthened by visualising Archangel Michael severing the cords with his shining sword of Truth. 

Any spell candle should be allowed to burn all the way down – safely, of course… never leave a candle unattended!

May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more.
~ Irish Blessings


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