An Angel Miracle Tarot Reading

angel healing tarot spread

We all need to recharge our batteries and I was aware of becoming a bit of a workaholic lately so I used these past few days to bring balance and healing into my life. Thankfully, the angels stepped in and helped me with an angel miracle Tarot reading.

One thing I’ve neglected to do lately is read, just for the pleasure of reading. When I decided to take a whole long weekend off, the topic that appealed the most to me was Angelology and Angel Therapy, so I downloaded a couple of Angel Healing books on my Kindle:

Quantum Angel Healing: Energy Therapy and Communication with Angels and The Secrets of Angel Healing.

I finished the first and am a quarter through the second. I’m loving both and enjoy experimenting with the suggested exercises.

Releasing Blocks with the Angels

On Saturday afternoon, I had the idea to try shaking as a way of releasing energy blocks and I feel that although this wasn’t one of the suggested exercises in the Angel Healing books, it was indeed inspired by the Angels as well as my desire to be completely free from the past and anything that binds me in any direction of time/space.

I found a couple of YouTube videos on Qi shaking but decided to do it my way, i.e. with loud trance dance music, doing a gentle Qi Gong type shaking warm up, combined with the Angel Breath I learned from Eva-Maria Mora (Quantum Angel Healing) and then doing the element of chaos (5 Rhythms), shaking myself to ecstasy and finishing with a cool down ‘Qi Wash’ and gathering the energy in my Hara.

After doing this two days in a row, I began to experience some major changes in the way of attachments falling off me like ropes turning into dust. But I knew I had more work to do so last night I asked the angels to come to me and help me in my sleep.

They woke me gently at 5 AM with the insight what a precious gift life is and how I was now ready to let go of the faulty program that had been looping in my brain for most of my life: life is suffering, life is suffering, life is suffering…

Life is not suffering. Life is a precious gift and I will cherish it until my last breath. Thank you Angels for showing me this so that I can take part fully, without a great big cloak of wistful longing to be other than alive.

A Morning Angel Miracle

While still in bed, I noticed that the soreness in my throat was gone. I have had a sore throat for months so this was a huge relief and undeniably connected to the angel miracle.

I got up and did my morning yoga. Time for miracle No. 3. My left knee didn’t give me any bother at all and the noise of timber being felled usually accompanying my Surya Namaskar was completely gone.

Now, if you’re anything like me at all, you would get your cards out at this stage and do a reading on what is happening as well as how to proceed from here. So I created the spread above, which is completely self-explanatory. Feel free to use an Angel Oracle for card four.

My Angel Miracle Tarot Reading

I decided to use my Incidental Tarot together with the Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Cards:


What is: The fiery Key of Arrows (Ace of Wands) has come to illuminate the path before me as well as to revitalise me.

What to avoid: The Four of Roses tells me to not allow this illumination to become only an emotional experience as this would extinguish the flame and form a wet blanket of my vital life force. This flame is not meant to be internalised – it’s to be shared, much like the light of one candle goes on to light many other candles.

What to do: Ariadne (one of the two extra Majors in the Incidental Tarot) is a highly auspicious card for how the Angel Healing I received will affect my life.

To receive the Ariadne talisman in a reading is a great omen. She indicates that you have a powerful ally that will come to your aid and help you out of the dark labyrinth. Ariadne will help you to see and define your path; and she will protect you as you make your way forward.

Angelic Guidance: Michael – Enchantment.

Allow the joy of the child within you to reconnect with the free-flow fun that was once present in your innocence.

My path will never look like the path of any other. It will be so incredibly vastly different that I will lose my way unless I stay connected with my sense of… FUN! 

“And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”
– Matthew 21:22



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  1. Wow, what a powerful experience! Being able to release such a long-standing negative thought is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and for the work that you're doing! Love & Light.

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