Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread

Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread

As a healer, and as someone with a Gemini Rising, I’m drawn to join up with Archangel Raphael for my Tarot Healing work. Archangel Raphael rules Mercury (Gemini/Virgo) and is the Patron of Healers. And in the Tarot, Archangel Raphael corresponds with The Magician. So the Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread below is one you can use to heal any situation in your life. And if no particular area of healing springs to mind, the first card in the spread can show you what situation/area to invoke Raphael’s assistance with.

Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread

Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread

1. Harmony – An area of your life that needs bringing into harmony and alignment.
2. Hope – How hope can be brought into this situation.
3. Healing of Vision – Something that you can’t see that affects the situation.
4. Heart – Emotional hurt that needs healing, connected with the issue/situation brought up in the first card.
5. Healing Others – Something you can do to bring hope, healing and harmony into the lives of also involved in this situation or with similar issues.

If you like, you can combine the Tarot cards with Angel Oracle cards. I suggest doing the Tarot reading first and then pulling another five cards – this time from an Angel Oracle deck – to lay on top of the original five cards.

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  1. I asked a question if I’m pregnant right now
    The tarot cards that came up
    Were Queen of pentacle
    The star
    And Knight of swords
    Can someone tell me what that means
    I am pregnant or expecting ?
    I drew another set of cards
    And it came up
    The chariot
    The magician
    And ace of cups

    1. Post
  2. Lisa this is my first time on your site. I enjoy it very much. I do want to ask you. I have a deck of tarot cards that are solely beautiful cute animal cards. I have a longing to read tarot, but, found these cards called me to ease me into tarot reading. Yes… they are very different than the average tarot cards that are ususally used. My question is, I was looking at the readings you suggest for the Archangel Rafael spread. I was wondering if I could do the same with my animal cards as well? Look forward to hearing from you. Blessed be.

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