Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread

Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread

As a healer, and as someone with a Gemini Rising, I’m drawn to join up with Archangel Raphael for my Tarot Healing work. Archangel Raphael rules Mercury (Gemini/Virgo) and is the Patron of Healers.

Here is a little spread I created that you can use to heal any situation in your life. The first card in the spread can be used to show you what area to work on if nothing springs to mind:

Archangel Raphael Tarot Healing Spread

1. Harmony – An area of your life that needs bringing into harmony and alignment.
2. Hope – How hope can be brought into this situation.
3. Healing of Vision – Something that you can’t see that affects the situation.
4. Heart – Emotional hurt that needs healing, connected with the issue/situation brought up in the first card.
5. Healing Others – Something you can do to bring hope, healing and harmony into the lives of also involved in this situation or with similar issues.

If you like, you can combine the Tarot cards with Angel Oracle cards. I suggest doing the Tarot reading first and then pulling another five cards – this time from an Angel Oracle deck – to lay on top of the original five cards.

Do let me know how you go if you decide to give this spread a whirl!

Blessed Be!