Deck Interview with the Archangel Power Tarot

Archangel Power Tarot Deck Interview
The Archangel Power Tarot is Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s second Tarot deck collaboration (after the Angel Tarot Cards) and this time the artist is Jeff Bedrick. The style of the digital artwork is similar enough to the first deck for me to at a glance think it the artist was once again Steve A. Roberts. I like the work of both just fine, but for some reason I feel the Archangel Power Tarot has the edge.

ETA 5 Dec 2017: So much has changed since I did this review. Please read my article The Truth about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion for reasons why I no longer link to a sales page for this deck and why I have chosen to boycott any and all Hay House products.

ETA 3 July 2018: The fight for justice for the abandoned animals, scammed donors and mistreated students goes on. Bring Doreen Virtue to Justice. We will not forget the 16 rescue pigs – What happened to them?

And speaking of edge, this one has gilt edges… A major plus for me! The added bling just makes me happy and gives the deck a luxurious feel.

The main difference between the two is the suit names. In the first deck, the suits are named after the Elements, whereas in the Archangel Power Tarot, each suit is named after an Archangel:

Wands – Gabriel (orange borders)
Cups – Raphael (green borders)
Swords – Michael (blue borders)
Pentacles – Ariel (pink borders)

Personally, I would have gone with the traditional Golden Dawn correspondences, i.e.

Wands – Michael (Fire/South)
Cups – Gabriel (Water/West)
Swords – Raphael (Air/East)
Pentacles – Uriel (Earth/North)

…but I find I don’t mind reading this way. It still works as it is its own system. When I work with this deck, it’s like swapping from one language to another. The good thing about DV’s decks is that you don’t even have to know the language all that well to make sense of it since the meaning are written on the cards.

Having already worked with this deck for a while with excellent results, I realise my interview is a bit overdue but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

Archangel Power Tarot Deck Interview

deck interview with the archangel power tarot cards

1. Describe yourself in three words or less – 10 of Gabriel (Wands)

APT: Friend in need

Me: Yes, I can’t help but notice that you are one of the best friends for self-readings as you help break through the wall of anxiety that can block intuition when reading for yourself. Why do you think this is?

APT: It’s all in the intent behind the creation of this deck. Doreen and Radleigh were adamant that they wanted to create a deck gentle enough for even the most sensitive souls to be able to read with and the keywords at the bottom of each card reflect this intent perfectly, without deviating from the original card meanings.

Me: A friend in need is a friend indeed! 🙂

2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words? – Page of Gabriel (Wands)

APT: Inspiring, Energising, Revitalising

Me: Yes, that reflects the feedback I have been getting after client readings with this deck!

3. What gift do you bring? The Sun

APT: I like to “scatter joy” to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson.

4. What do you expect in return?  – Page of Raphael

APT: A receptive and humble heart to receive perhaps more than the simple card message. Angels do gather around every time you spread these cards, you know.

Me: How awesome is that!?

5. How can you help me serve? – 8 of Raphael (Wands)

APT: I can speed up the connection and time it takes to channel through messages from the Angelic realm. Speed is not always an important component… but it will be for those who work professionally and are eager to help as many clients as possible!

Me: Very true.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? – Ace of Cups

APT: I’m a gift of unconditional love to mankind. The more you trust the unseen gift that comes with this deck, the more intuitively your readings will flow.

Me: I will definitely trust in this gift! Thank you so much!

Blessed Be!