Heart-Healing with the Angels and Tarot

heart healing

As inevitable as falling love may be to most humans, so is falling out of love. Unfortunately, this usually happens when one person is still in love and leads to massive heartache, no matter if you are left for someone else.

Death can also intervene. Even the happiest of marriages must come to an end…

The physical feeling of having a love torn from us is literally that of the heart breaking and science is finally catching up with proof that emotional loss and grief does affect our physical heart as well as our emotions.

We may feel utterly helpless and abandoned after losing someone we love but even in the darkest, most desolate place, the seed of healing still lies inside that broken heart. It is our own love that can reconnect us with the Source and make us whole… and the good news is, we don’t have to do all by ourselves – our Angels are eagerly waiting to help us… All we need to do is ask!

I have created a simple three-card Angelic Tarot spread you can do if you need heart-healing after a divorce or break-up. It can also be used for any other types of grief and loss.

Simply get your cards out, light a candle and invoke your guardian angel. It doesn’t matter if you know your angel by name – s/he will still hear your request. Your guardian angel, who knows you more intimately than any other being, will protect you and help you understand the healing messages you are receiving from the Tarot.

Then politely ask the archangels Michael, Raphael and Chamuel to join you.

Ask for divine guidance and healing for your heart.

Relax by taking a few deep breaths and shuffle your deck. Pull three cards:

1. Archangel Michael – To help you see which cords to the past you need to cut or what you need to do to protect yourself from negativity.

2. Archangel Raphael – Shows you what you can do to heal your heart and harmonise conflicting energies/interests.

3. Archangel Chamuel – This card gives you clues about ways to lovingly care for and nurture yourself while your heart heals.

Close the reading by giving thanks to the Everlasting and your angels.

Angel Heart Healing

Tarot of Prague. Copyright 2004 Magic Realist Press.


Sample Heart-Healing Tarot Reading

The thing that really struck me about in this reading is how well the colours in each card correspond to the Archangels.

The first card, the 9 of Cups, has a lot of Gold – a colour of happiness and abundance. This is fitting both for the joyful 9 of Cups and for Archangel Michael, whose colours are blue and gold. The message is that I need completely stop drinking alcohol. OK, so this may not be your bog standard translation of the 9 of Cups but remember we are looking for something to cut out, leave behind or let go of here… and the image does say more than a thousand words.

The second card, the 3 of Pentacles, is full of healing green – the colour of Archangel Raphael. I can use this colour to harmonise and balance all my chakras but in particular my heart chakra. The man’s coat is green which tells me that I can visualise myself wearing a green clock, covering all my chakras.

The house in the background of the 3 of Pentacles is also green. This tells me that I can affect my levels of peace and harmony through creating a decluttered and stress-free home environment. Some green plants might be a good idea. I haven’t had potted plants for years. Maybe it’s time I got some… Oh, and look at those violins at the top of the card! It is definitely a nudge to keep some healing tunes playing throughout the day.

The final card represents the wisdom of the Archangel Chamuel and shows me how I can nurture my heart back to health. Now, this is funny because if I had to pick a card from the Major Arcana to represent Chamuel, I would have chosen The Empress. And just look at the Empress card in the Tarot of Prague… full of pink (dark pink on the cloak and light pink on the rose-bush) – the colour of Chamuel. The pink roses remind me of my grandmother as they were her favourite.

The Empress is not only a card of (self-)nurturing (even pampering!) but it also happens to be my Soul Card, so this is a timely remember from the angels that the best way to heal and protect my heart is to stay true to my own self.

Angel Blessings