Misconceptions and Expectations of Tarot Readers

tarot readers - what to expect

5 Common Misconceptions People Have of Tarot Readers

1. Mind Reading? 

Contrary to popular belief, Tarot Readers are not mind readers. Depending on the reader’s own personal style, you may or may not have to state your question out loud but what comes out in the reading is a reflection of the issue at hand, not a result of the Tarot Reader being inside your mind.

2. Psychics?

Not all Tarot Readers are Psychics.

There are Tarot Readers who are psychic and Tarot Readers who are not. Being psychic does not necessarily make you a better Tarot Reader. If it is important to you that your Tarot Reader is Psychic too, ask!

3. Ghosts?

Tarot Readers are not Spiritualist Mediums. While there are a few Tarot readers out there who use the Tarot to contact spirits who have passed over to the other side, most do not. If you’re seeing a Tarot Reader because you’re hoping for a message from your grandmother in Heaven, you’re better off looking for a Medium in the Psychic Directory.

4. Work for free?

Tarot readers often get told that they shouldn’t charge for their ‘gift.’ Being a gifted Tarot reader is no different to being a gifted musician or surgeon. All gifts are given for the greater good of all and are of divine origin. A builder or cleaner is no less ‘spiritual’ than a Tarot Reader. Tarot Reading is a skill that takes time and effort to develop and once a Tarot Reader starts offering her services professionally, that is how she pays her bills – no different to any other professional service provider.

When people ask me for free readings, I refer them to the TABI free reading program which is a great place for students to practice. Unless the person reading for you is doing so to practise in return for feedback, there should always be an energy exchange.

5. Satanists and Witches?

While there are Satanists and Witches who read the Tarot cards, the cards themselves are neutral. There is no way you can guess someone’s religious orientation based on the fact that they read the cards. 

The origin of Tarot is a Mediterranean deck of playing cards (Tarocchi), dating back to Medieval times, that only became superimposed with occult meaning and astrological correspondences in the 1700s. Different types of readers rely on Astrological and other occult correspondences to varying degrees and some don’t use them at all – they simply look at the images and read what they see.

The reason why it is so easy to superimpose different occult and spiritual systems and symbols onto the cards is that the images and suits make up a universal language that transcends cultural and religious boundaries.

5 Realistic Expectations You Should Have of Your Tarot Reader

1. Here to help

Tarot Readers love to use cards to help you resolve any difficulties and move forward in life. That does not mean giving you an easy way out or giving you a ‘get out of jail free’ card but it does mean lifting your spirit and helping you move forward with confidence.

2. Co-Creation

A skilled Tarot Reader will help you co-create your destiny rather than hand you a fated version of the future on a silver platter. This means dialogue and working together on asking the most constructive question possible of the cards.

The future is not set in stone. What you think today, you live tomorrow. This is the reason readings on timing are often moot. However, to the degree you believe life to be fated, you will perceive it that way. That is why fortune-tellers who pander to people who don’t want to take responsibility for their lives can do so successfully. Whether it is ethical or not is a different matter.

3. Payment

Professional Tarot Readers charge for their time, not for their ‘gift.’ They charge a rate that allows them to pay their bills and that is equal to that of other local professional service providers. CLICK HERE to find out why free Tarot readings don’t help the Seeker.

4. Email Readings – Do they really work? 

Yes, there is no time/space limit for Tarot Readings! In fact, email Tarot readings often work better than face-to-face readings – here are six reasons why:

Pure energetic connection. One of the main advantages of connecting through the ether is that you get straight to the core of a person’s energy. My preferred method is tuning in either via a picture or through a combination of your name and date of birth. It also offers you discretion as you can receive the reading (all 100% confidential) in the comfort of your home.

Perfect timing. The connection can be done at a time that allows for maximum psychic flow – unlike a scheduled face-to-face or phone reading when a badly digested kebab could so easily interfere with the reading 🙂

Fewer distractions, better focus on the question. The question gets undivided and impartial attention. I make sure my surroundings are completely conducive to the reading and allow the focus of the space to be on the interaction between your question and the psychic impulses that emerge through the cards.

Thoughtful answer. Because the answer can arise without distraction and with perfect timing to the oracle (i.e. me), I’m able to put the answer in a thoughtful and succinct format that cuts to the chase.

Documentation. Having the reading written down makes it possible for you to refer back to it – at a time that is convenient for you. If you are too emotional to digest the message straight away, it will still be there for you a day or even a week later.

Questions you may have. You can always check back in with questions and feedback for your reader if anything is unclear.

5. Ethical

You should totally expect your Tarot Reader to be ethical. That means not holding back on what the cards say or sugar-coating the truth. It means delivering an empowering message. It means confidentiality, integrity and knowing when to say ‘No’ as well as when to refer clients to other professionals. Any reader who claims to be ‘100% accurate’ can be instantly recognised as unethical and a charlatan. No human being is 100% accurate about anything and the future most certainly cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy when even weather reports for the next day fail.


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