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Faulty Programming Love Tarot Spread

faulty programming

Struggling in your love life? It comes down to programming, or rather faulty programming. Most of us have faulty software due to messed up input during our early years. Most of us struggle with finding happiness in love… simply because we fail at finding happiness in life.

As a Tarot reader, I find that people often come to me with the expectation of bringing them the good news–something that will bring them the happiness they failed to generate for themselves.  They expect Fate to fix what they refuse to work on. Please understand that the old cliché “God helps those who help themselves” is more than just a cliché!

Faulty Programming – 5 Common Programming Errors

1. Life Is Suffering

That’s got to be right… right? Even Buddha said that the essence of life is suffering. Wrong! Life is a precious gift and if you choose to cherish it as such, your chances of attracting someone great will improve by a thousand per cent. Think about it… Who would you rather be with? Someone who knows how to enjoy life or someone who would rather be anywhere but right here, right now. Start feeling this truth: Life is an awesome adventure! Radiate this truth and people will be attracted to you. Simples.

2. I Am a Victim of Circumstances

I am a victim of circumstances. Wrong! You are always free to choose your responses to any circumstances. The responses you choose form the foundation for the choices you will make that take you forward. If you see yourself as a victim, you will remain passive rather than taking responsibility for your happiness. In relationships, this means that you secretly resent the other person for failing to make you happy. The truth is, no one can make you happy but you!

3. Judging Others Empowers Me

Wrong! You empower no one by placing blame or judgment on others. However, once you let go of the need to judge another person completely, you will be free to live and let live and can use all your vital life force to create the life of your dreams. A judgmental attitude is a defence mechanism that is extremely effective at keeping your heart shut.  Not only does it prevent you from having loving relationships, but it also creates dis-ease on the physical level.

4. Forgiveness = Condoning Wrongdoing

Wrong! Forgiveness isn’t about condoning wrongdoing, nor is it something you do for the other person. You forgive/release those who have wronged you so that you can free up your energy. If you tend to cling to past hurts inflicted by your partner (and even the most loving partner sometimes unwittingly hurts the one they love) you will never succeed at being happy in a relationship.

5. Love Hurts

This is one cliché that is not true! Love doesn’t hurt. The defence mechanisms the ego puts in place to avoid pain are what makes us hurt. Rejection may hurt but it’s often true that the fear of rejection hurts more than the rejection itself.  If we live with the expectation that love is going to hurt, we will find ways of proving the truth of this belief to ourselves.

Love only hurts until we learn to be our source of happiness… and this brings us back to the first erroneous program: Life is suffering.

Check Your Faulty Programming with a Simple Tarot Spread

If you believe that you are running any of these programs, please know that you can be free right now. Doing a Tarot reading on the program that you would like to free yourself from might bring it into awareness enough for you to be able to release it:

Tarot Reading with the Art Noveau deck
Art Noveau Tarot © Lo Scarabeo. All rights reserved.

1. How this programming affects you
2. What to avoid if you wish to be free
3. The best approach to freeing yourself

You may also wish to pull an Angel card for further spiritual guidance. Do invoke the help and protection of the Angels to help with stopping faulty programming. They are experts at this sort of thing – especially your guardian Angel who has known you since before you were born and thus knows the real you, the one who is hiding behind the negative thoughts.

This real you are the only one who can create the kind of love relationship you long for deep down.

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  1. Dear Lisa, thank you for this! I really needed it 🙂 – divine timing… I got the Chariot, the 9 of cups and the World.. And it sounds very accurate to me: I have lot of issues with letting go, moving forward, forgiving and accepting others and myself. I see that I tend to relay to a feeling of inner loss and “emptyness” that cannot be fulfilled easily – hence the need to keep on working on giving myself the love that I need and the World I see as an advice to open up more, go out, experiment, and face my fears! Thank you so much, I just needed this reminder 😉

  2. I had a chance to purchase that deck once, but didn’t have any money with me…I’ve always loved it. Very Mucha!

    And I think I’ll do this spread today. 🙂

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