7 relationship truths tarot spread

7 Relationship Truths Revealed Tarot Spread

The 7 Relationship Truths Tarot spread will reveal where you stand with these 7 (not always so) obvious relationship truths. These are fundamental truths that most would agree on but we so easily forget all about in our day-to-day existence…

7 relationship truths tarot spread

1. Relationships take work (current challenge)

This card shows your current challenge in this relationship and if there are any inequalities that need balancing. We all know that relationships take work but we often forget to ask ourselves what we should be working on. The Tarot will provide you with the road signs you need!

2. There is a higher reason for coming together

The card here shows you the spiritual purpose/lesson behind you two being together. This card position could reveal a karmic link. If you remind yourself about the higher purpose for coming together, you may become less likely to sweat the small stuff.

3. Making room for change (the only certainty is change)

This card shows you how you are changing in ways that might be challenging for your partner and how you can support yourself through this process. You are not the same wife your husband married 10 years ago. This is as it should be.

4. You are responsible for your own happiness

This card shows how you can liberate yourself from limitations to your own personal happiness or how you are blaming/holding the other person an emotional hostage. Only when you are happy in your own skin can you start swimming in the warm inviting waters of relationship happiness.

5. Forgiveness sets you free

The card in this position shows an area of your life where forgiveness is necessary. Most relationships contain an element of resentment but there is no need to accept this stifling energy just because it is common. You may need to forgive your partner or it could be yourself that you need to set free. The point is that forgiveness makes it possible for you to stop living in the past and start to truly enjoy the journey you are on as a couple.

6. Supporting your partner (instead of trying to change them)

The card here shows you how you can be a loving, non-judgmental and supportive influence in your partner’s life. The only person you have the power to change is yourself. Your partner is not the same person you hooked up with 20 years ago. If you want to continue on this journey with them, you need to find a way of giving them room to grow. The card in this position will tell you how.

7. Paying it forward

This card shows you how you can begin to implement random acts of kindness in your most intimate relationship… without expecting anything back! Remember, ‘Expectations are the termites of relationships.’  And thus we are back where we started with ‘The input equals the output.’  This is true of all relationships until they have run their course.  

If there is a fundamental inequality in the giving and receiving, it may simply mean that it is time to move on. It could be an indication that one or more of your core needs are not being met. Or it could mean that you are in a karmic soul mate relationship.


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  1. 1.Relationships take work-5 of cups. I’m guess I’m struggling to see the good still left. I still dwell on the “what if’s”.

    2.There is a higher reason for coming together-6 of pentacles-Learning what to give or how to give. I pulled another card because I feel very strongly that there was a karma for me and this man. But it was a court card, Knight of pentacles. In this position could it represent him or me? Or the relationship? I think I understand this card as being patient, working through everything methodically. Two pentacles cards imply some kind of material purpose, rather emotional or spiritual. Giving and taking…slowly. Not all or nothing I suppose and I think both of us may have felt that way. So this makes excellent sense.

    3. Making room for change (the only certainty is change) 5 of swords. This mirrors the five of swords to me, with figures with their backs turned. My challenge to walk away as he and another person have already done so. There were no victors. That’s just life. Perhaps there’s also a concern with ego also.

    By your description: shows you how you are changing in ways that might be challenging for your partner and how you can support yourself through this process.

    As my change, I suppose just understanding/realizing that “you can’t win them all”. This is my name for this card.

    5. You are responsible for your own happiness
    2 of cups-Learning to trust again? I’m unsure.

    6. Forgiveness sets you free-Ace of pentacles
    He was represented by this Ace in another reading. I was trying to find a forgiveness spread.
    As forgiveness? I guess it could mean both or just one of us need to forgive the other for creating something material. I left the country! I needed to, there was a small want but for my health I really need to! And the pentacles refer to health often.
    I can see three aspects you mentioned.
    I need to forgive myself for making this HUGE decision
    Him for moving on…

    Supporting your partner (instead of trying to change them) –High priestess
    Trust my gut and instincts and leave him alone or give him time. Though we both hurt
    each other, I can still still instinctively feel his pain even though he is physically moving on. I can’t help him because I am the source. I think the hermit card would work best if that was the case but since this is something I can do for him. Find my inner secret knowledge, learning to trust myself. Being alone and searching for that universal knowledge.
    Oh, this one is a little vexing.

    Paying it forward-6 of cups- clarified by the King of wands.
    I’m not sure I fully understand these cards as the position. The childhood/nostalgia card with a court card?

    A little help please Lisa.

    I’m learning bit by it. I’ve found that I’m understanding the individual cards better but that I have trouble seeing the connections all together.

    I wonder if I can do the core-needs spread for myself. I think it would be a wonderful spread for that.

    1. The Knight of Pentacles speaks of perseverance here, I feel.

      2 of Cups – don’t give up on love. Losing a lover doesn’t mean you lose love.

      The King of Wands is the visionary. You feel you have lost a soul mate relationship. You need to restore your vision of the many possibilities that soul mate relationships carry so that you can be a light in those relationships even when things didn’t go the way you wanted them to go.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Wow, thanks…so much. Your input really makes things clearer. The 6 of cups as nostalgia in that last position and the 5 of cups as the challenge together and the 2 of cups. Just wow, once I read your reply, everything just clicked. I consider this my first love, so that’s the reason why I struggled over this so much.
        My health (in all aspects) is improving, so there’s my bright side to all this!Although that 5 of cups as a challenge is nothing to scoth at!

        BTW I love your sense of humor! Especially 8 types of W*ankers. I think the guy was a knight of cups that went reversed on me later… When I read your description, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.
        Thank goodness I caught myself and no one was around! lol

  2. This is a spread I am in need of at the moment!! Thankyou so much, it is perfect!!

    In fact, I love all of the posts you make here – they have given me some really tasty food for thought, and, I am hoping, will help me out as well!!

    Thankyou so much for all you do! You are one amazing lady…

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