7 Ways to Use Tarot and Crystals Together

Tarot and Crystals Together

Crystals are amplifiers of energy and can be used for healing, magick and communication. The Tarot is a powerful tool for transformation – ‘The Mirror of the Soul’ – and can also be used to communicate messages, facilitate healing and to cast magick spells. Together these two esoteric tools form a ‘Super Duo.’ 

I have experimented on how to use the two together for many years and thought I’d share seven of my favourite crystal & Tarot combo tips with you today…

Cleanse your cards – An amethyst cluster is ideal for this. Simply rest your working deck on the cluster overnight and it is refreshed, recharged and ready to go again in the morning. I also recommend resting any deck you’ve bought second-hand on an amethyst cluster, at least overnight before you use it. You can do this after wiping the cards gently with a soft cloth and/or passing them through sandalwood or white sage incense to cleanse them. Then they are ready to be blessed and dedicated.

Store your cards – If you store your cards in a pouch or wooden box, you can easily add a crystal or two to keep them charged up. One of my favourite ever Tarot bags is made of 100% silk and has a couple of crystals sewn into the lining – that way the can’t go missing, which typically tends to happen for me with loose crystals. Go with your intuition about which crystals to use for this and don’t forget that they need cleansing regularly unless they are self-cleaning like amethyst, citrine and kyanite.

Vibrational medicine – I use Tarot cards to create vibrational essences and I find that adding crystals to the charging process greatly enhances the product. You can also use the Tarot directly on your body for chakra healing, for instance, and this works even better if you add a corresponding crystal. For instance, for heart healing, you may wish to try placing Justice or The Empress (Archangel Anael) over the Anahata (heart) chakra, with a piece of rose quartz on top.

Help with readings – Crystals can greatly enhance our thinking and our intuition, as well as how we express our thoughts in both verbal and written communication. My favourite crystals to work with during readings for these purposes are amethyst, lapis lazuli and sodalite for intuition (all three enhance the third eye) turquoise for communication (throat chakra) and mixed fluorite for mental clarity (crown chakra).

Another way to have crystals help with your reading is to ask your client to randomly choose a crystal and then allow the message of that crystal to give the reading focus. There are two ways of doing this: you can let your client choose a stone randomly, from a bag, without looking… or… you can lay the crystals out on the table and ask the client to choose the one they feel most drawn to. If you work with smaller/less expensive crystals, it is a nice touch to let your client keep this crystal after the reading. You can also create an affirmation for your client to use with the crystal.

You you also complement your Tarot or Angel card readings with crystal pendulum dowsing and/or crystal ball scrying.

Spirit communication/meditation – For communicating with spirit guides during meditation and readings, selenite and clear quartz are both helpful. Simply hold a larger piece in your cupped hands or two smaller pieces (one in each hand) while you meditate. It will amplify communication from the spirit world and make the messages easier to understand.

Magick amplifiers – You can create a spell using a Tarot card (or combination of cards) that symbolises your desired outcome. Let’s say, for instance, that you wish to manifest a love relationship with someone that you will marry and settle down with for life. On your altar, you might place the 2 of Cups (Venus in Cancer), The Sun and the 10 of Pentacles. The 10 of Pentacles (Mercury in Virgo) is for a commitment in love that lasts long enough to generate a legacy to future generations. The corresponding Archangel is Raphael (the Angel in The Lovers).

The crystal then to use for amplifying the energy of the 10 of Pentacles and Archangel Raphael would be peridot or green aventurine. You might wish to use this together with rose quartz for invoking the assistance of Archangel Anael (Venus/2 of Cups) and citrine (The Sun) for lasting happiness.

You can learn more about Tarot & Angel Magick correspondences in the Angelic Tarot eCourse.

Get to know your crystals. You can use the Tarot to ‘interview’ new crystals. CLICK HERE for a Tarot spread to use for this.

I hope you learned something new and useful here today and that you will share this post with your friends. If you have other favourite ways of combining the Tarot with crystals, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Thank you.

Blessed Be!



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