A Third Harvest Halloween Tarot Spread

Halloween Tarot Reading

It’s Halloween today and Neo-Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Third Harvest, aka Samhain. This is a time to take stock of the year and assess the harvest. It is also a time of planning for the new season of sowing. So I thought it would be timely to share how I read for this season with my Third Harvest Halloween Tarot Spread.

Many Modern Pagans and Witches do a big reading for the year ahead on Halloween. I like to use the 12 Houses Zodiac Tarot Spread for a year ahead reading. However, because I also want to take stock of the year gone by, I decided to do it with a twist.

How I Read the 12 Houses Zodiac Tarot Spread at Halloween/Samhain

The outer ring represents the karmic third harvest for each of the houses. The inner ring shows a dominant theme/lesson for the year ahead. You can see each future lesson as a seed from the current harvest and perhaps try to understand how they are linked.

I’m using the Halloween Tarot deck by US Games Inc. for this reading. These are the cards you can see in the picture above.

In the middle, I placed two cards. The 9 of Pentacles is the main lesson I learned. Then we have the Queen of Pentacles. This is about my next big lesson in the year ahead and these two are linked. The 9 of Pentacles has given me a sense of self-sufficiency which I must now use in caring for others (Queen of Pentacles).

I won’t go into detail about what it all means here but I hope you enjoy this tip for a year ahead reading with a Halloween twist.

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Blessed Samhain!

love raven liora

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  1. This is a really awesome spread that I’d love to try! I’m curious if the two center cards are placed before starting each house or after? Thanks for the great idea and hope you have a great Halloween!

    1. Post

      Hi Misty, glad you like this and hope you enjoy trying it. I place the two central cards in the circle after I have laid out the 12 houses. Blessed be!

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