A Virgo New Moon Tarot Spread

Hermit of the forest with lantern

In the Tarot, The Hermit corresponds with the Zodiac sign Virgo. The Hermit is our wise, inner self, capable of reviewing all of life’s lessons and integrating them with what we learn from traditional wisdom sources so that we can keep growing and evolving, as well as disseminate what we have learned to others. So this will be our focus for the Virgo New Moon Tarot Spread.

As we are also on the cusp of Autumn, I have gone with an autumnal colour theme for the Hermit’s Lantern Tarot spread below. I almost feel I need to apologise for this because it seems Summer never really got going here in the UK, except for that one week…

The Hermit’s Lantern Tarot Spread


Other than The Hermit, there are four Minor Arcana Virgo energy cards in the Tarot deck: The King of Pentacles and the 8-10 of Pentacles. I thought it would be nice to look at which of these five Virgo cards Spirit would have you focus on between now and the Full Moon:

The Hermit – Spiritual matters, reading, contemplation
King of Pentacles – Work, your self-employment
10 of Pentacles (Mercury in Virgo) – Caring for family, creating a legacy
9 of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo) – Your physical health and wellbeing
8 of Pentacles (Sun in Virgo) – Honing a skill, courses/certifications/CPD

There are two ways of doing The Hermit’s Lantern Tarot Spread…

  1. Method for using only one deck: Separate out the five Virgo cards and shuffle them well. Randomly pick one for spread position one and put the other four cards back in the deck. Shuffle the remaining 77 cards and place them around the first card, according to the layout above.
  2. Method for using two decks: Separate out the five Virgo cards from deck number one. Shuffle well and randomly choose one card for the first position of the spread. Put the rest of the cards of that deck to one side, shuffle and cut deck number two as usual and place the cards in positions 2-5. This method allows for repetition, which can be quite interesting if it does happen.


1. Virgo Theme – This shows you what to focus on any time Virgo energy is strong for you. It could involve transits too so hold onto the spread – you may need to use it another time!

2. Action Advice – This is the most helpful, practical action you can take right now in order to perfect your Virgo energy in harmony with the card in position number one.

3. Shadow Influence – This is something you are not aware of within yourself but may be projecting onto others. This quality is holding you back from being successful.

4. Recent Past – Something that happened recently and has a bearing on your current situation/challenge.

5. Near Future – This is how things are likely to develop over the next two weeks until the Full Moon in Pisces.

Virgo New Moon Blessings!

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