Archangel Cassiel Tarot Spread

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While preparing for the New Moon Blessing Ritual on Saturday, it occurred to me that we have no Tarot spread for the Angel of the Day, Archangel Cassiel. Not only is he Saturday’s angel, but he also rules Capricorn, the sign of this weekend’s New Moon.

Not one to hand out free gifts, he is by our side any time we dig deep to get the work done. If we are willing to work hard, he has many blessings to bestow upon us.

He can help us to move firmly from dreaming to actually doing and this is what the Tarot spread I created in his honour is all about. Decide which seeds you wish to plant and patiently nurture now, which dream that nobody or nothing will stop you from achieving…

You may wish to light a candle (grey, brown or black) and invoke the assistance of Archangel Cassiel before you begin your reading:

Dear Archangel Cassiel, thank you for watching over me as I set my plans in motion and begin doing rather than just dreaming. Help me remove any self-imposed limitations, as well as any obstacles facing me in the world. Allow me the grace to move forward with my personal power intact and to act with integrity, self-respect and honour every step of the way. I pray for your guidance and blessing for the work that lies ahead. You help those who help themselves. So mote it be!


As you lay the cards out in the Earth Banishing Pentagram pattern below, fix the intent firmly in your mind to remove any obstacles to your success, whether it be your own lack of discipline or any other distractions in your life.


The Archangel Cassiel Tarot Spread

archangel Cassiel Tarot Spread
  1. My own energy now. Contemplate what it is you wish to manifest and then look carefully at the card before you. Is the energy of this card helpful in achieving your goal? Write down your thoughts about where you are at emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally, as well as what this card tells you about your energy, drive and motivation.
  2. What must be purged physically? This represents something you need to remove from your life with your actual physical body, even though the obstacle itself may not be physical. Look carefully at what you see here. Is it laziness and could it be removed by disciplined regular physical exercise? Are there eating/drinking habits you need to change? Is there an item you need to remove? Do you need a new lock on your door to keep your ex out?
  3. What must be purged spiritually? This helps you focus on what you need to forgive/release spiritually. It represents an energy or influence that can only be purged through spiritual discipline.
  4. Which desire must be banished? This shows you the main desire that keeps tripping you up. It is most likely connected with your Shadow (i.e. something you prefer to project onto others), so you may need to dig deep in order to understand and own this desire for yourself. Only once you own it can it be released.
  5. Which thoughts must be released? This card shows you some negative thoughts that are on repeat and that are stopping you/draining you of energy.  I like to call them ‘looping thoughts.’ Science has recently proven that most of our thoughts are looping and essentially useless. While you can’t expect to purge yourself of all of them, you can purge yourself of the ones that prevent you from achieving this particular goal now.
  6. Which emotions are no longer useful? Again, really look at the image before you. What do you see? How do you feel about it? Which emotion is being reflected back at you and how can you best release it now? Don’t be afraid to ask your angels for help with this – they are ready and waiting!

You will get the most from this spread if you take your time with it and write all your answers down. Feel free to ask in the comments below if you get stuck on a card/positional meaning. Describe the card image if you are not using a standard RWS deck.


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  1. Interesting spread! I got 1) hermit2) 10 of swords 3) 5 of swords 4) 4 of wands 5) emperor and 6) 9 of pentacles. I think I understand most of it except for 4 of wands as a desire to banished and 9 of pentacles as an emotion no longer useful. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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      Hi Nicole, the 4 of Wands could be a desire to stay within your comfort zone. The 9 of Pentacles could be emotional satisfaction from spending, or emotional security from being materially well off. Blessings

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