archangel cassiel

Archangel Cassiel with Tarot Spread

archangel cassiel

Archangel Cassiel is the ruler of Saturn and Saturdays. His influence covers any binding agreements, your career and status in society, long-term investments, karma (Saturn is known as Lord of Karma and Father Time) and the power to banish.

Compared to Archangel Raphael or Anael, Cassiel may appear stern and even cold. Let’s face it, he will never be as popular to call on for assistance as Archangel Michael. However, I believe he makes an excellent ally anytime we are willing and prepared to buckle down to work hard.

Not all Love and Light

Many of the New Age ‘love-and-light-only’ angel crowd refuse to work with the darker angels like Cassiel and Camael. This is sadly part of the reason for the lack of accountability and the projection of issues that has become very apparent recently. We need divine energy to cover the full spectrum of divine attributes. The Divine/Source is not just light – it is also darkness, restriction and discipline (tough love, anyone?!).

Some New Age teachers do include Archangel Azrael, ruler of Pluto. But they soften his image. He is no longer known as the ‘Angel of Death’ but merely as the ‘Angel of Transformation.’ God forbid that we touch on the process of dying or the terrible grief that accompanies the death of a loved one. Way too negative!

Anyway… back to Cassiel! As the ruler of Saturdays, this is the best day of the week to invoke his assistance. For hours during other days of the week (if you are in more immediate need of his assistance), check this planetary hours chart or use this planetary hours calculator. Using a Waning Moon Saturday for anything you wish to banish. For bringing in assistance with regard to work/career, plan your working to fall on a New/Waxing Moon Saturday.

Cassiel’s energy is also associated with large institutions and corporations such as prisons and banks. Healthwise, Cassiel rules old age and is the guardian of the skeleton, teeth, hair and skin, and may be invoked for assistance with any health matters concerning those areas. This can be done on a Saturday when the Moon is as close to Full as possible. When we are blessed by Cassiel, we age gracefully and enjoy the autumn of our lives.


On a more subtle plane, we can also invoke assistance any time we feel we more structure and discipline in our lives. This invocation or something similar can be used:

Dear Archangel Cassiel, I ask for your help to be more organised so that I can succeed with ___________ (the project you are working on) and persevere until the end, without procrastination. Help me to keep going, especially when the going gets tough, and to accept that life isn’t always easy. Thank you and so mote it be!

XXI The World Rider Waite Tarot

If you wish to learn how to harness the energy of Saturn with assistance from Archangel Cassiel, you may wish to do so with a bit of help from the Tarot where Saturn/Cassiel corresponds with The World. Here we see the true power of harnessing the energy of Saturn, i.e. the ability to transcend time-space limitations, as well as duality, and reach the higher realms of oneness… but it comes only after we have done all the hard work of learning the lessons of the preceding Majors.

archangel cassiel tarot spread

Archangel Cassiel Tarot Spread

1. Which life lesson does Archangel Cassiel wish for me to look more closely at now?
2. Where do I fall short concerning this lesson?
3. Which aspect of this lesson do I need to be in control of to succeed?
4. What resources do I have at my disposal that can help me succeed?
5. What sort of future pull does this lesson have? Where will it guide me next?

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