Chiron Wounded Healer Tarot Spread

Chiron Wounded Healer enters Aries 18 April

Chiron the Wounded Healer

In Greek mythology, Chiron was the son of Kronos (Saturn) and a nymph named Philyra. Because both Kronos and Philyra were in horse form when Chiron was conceived, he emerged from his mother’s womb half human and half horse. Philyra rejected her son because of his appearance. A shepard found the poor abandoned child and took him to be raised by the sun-god Apollo.

A half-god, Chiron could not die. He had been trained by Apollo in the healing arts when Hercules accidentally wounded him with an arrow dipped in the blood of a hydra. The poison of the hydra would normally kill a man but because Chiron was a half-god he could not die, nor could the healer heal himself and this is how he become known as the Wounded Healer archetype.

After aeons of agony, Chiron traded places with Prometheus who was chained to a rock by Zeus for stealing fire and giving it to mankind. This act of empathy gave Chiron the gift of death and set Prometheus free.

One of 20+ Centaurs in the Kuiper belt, Chiron is by far the most well-known. According to Melanie Reinhart, “The Centaurs seem to preside over rites of passage and processes of purification that accompany spiritual development.” She also suggests that Chiron can be seen as a ‘bite-sized Pluto.’

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries is about a wound to our sense of self, our individuality and self-expression. Those of us born with Chiron in Aries we may be quite good at inspiring and empowering others to express themselves freely but may not be/feel able to do so ourselves. We may have a pioneering spirit that constantly gets squashed by self-doubt, while acting as cheerleaders for others who do what we secretly dream to be doing. This can lead to some serious resentment…

My Chiron is at 2 degrees Aries in my natal chart, so it is perhaps not strange that the Wounded Healer archetype is starting to surface more in my dreams. Chiron returns always happen around the 50-year mark and usually serve to shift us toward a more spiritual outlook on our existence.

In a recent dream, I am approached by a broken, hollowed out  man who is more an outline of a man than an actual person. Yet he approaches me with great determination and holds out his hand. I feel compelled to touch my palm to his and as I do so, tremendous healing starts pouring from him to me. This dream happened a couple of weeks ago and has stayed with me. I see now that it relates to my Chiron return.

Chiron shifting from Pisces to Aries concerns us all though, not just those of us born with Chiron in Aries. It’s a massive shift and the start of a whole new cycle of healing. It is also the first time Chiron has changed signs since 2010. Chiron will remain in Aries until 2027, minus a retrograde later this year that takes Chiron back into Pisces for a while.

Chiron Wounded Healer Tarot Spread

Chiron Wounded Healer Tarot Spread

  1. Chiron in Aries – Main wound to my sense of identity/self-expression
  2. The limits/blocks I am aware of because of this wound
  3. Blocks I am not fully aware of
  4. Event in the past that highlighted deep wounding
  5. Strength/insight gained thanks to this past event (main lesson learned for Chiron in Pisces)
  6. Lesson coming my way for Chiron in Aries (or my Chiron in Aries return)
  7. How to best deal with this lesson for the Highest Good of All

The Mythic Tarot features Chiron in The Hierophant card.

Chiron Wounded Healer in the Mythic Tarot Hierophant