Female Midlife Crisis Tarot

midlife crisis

OK, so the hot flashes haven’t started quite yet… BUT….

“Turn your midlife crisis to your own advantage by making it a time for renewal of your body and mind, rather than stand by helplessly and watch them decline.” Jane E. Brody

Yesterday, I came across a totally fabulous post by the Tarot Lady, titled Tarot To The Rescue: Aging Gracefully, where she uses the Tarot as a tool for taking action rather than standing by helplessly. My kinda lady and my kinda tool!

I can identify! Things are slowly making their way south. Fine lines are insisting that their true calling is to turn into wrinkles rather than remaining fine lines. The skin on my neck is not so firm any more and I find myself checking the skin under my chin for overhang once or twice a week, thinking I’m quite lucky so far. My tweezers are becoming my best friend (I panic when I can’t find them!) and the mirror is my worst enemy, or it’s a close tie between my mirror and non-candlelight lighting.

My stomach used to be flat as a board and after giving birth twice in my mid 20’s I snapped back into shape in no time. I did my dance teaching degree in my late twenties and my childless fellow classmates couldn’t believe how tiny my waist was. Now I have to face the fact that I have the body of a middle-aged woman complete with the rounded belly, varicose veins and cellulite.

Ugh. Is it even possible to love oneself at this stage? Yes! Now is the time when what is inside me has a chance to shine. I can take my accumulated wisdom and understanding of life and myself and become what I wish to be: A light in the world.

But first I should address those ‘in your face’ questions about getting older that Theresa Reed a.k.a. the Tarot Lady asks, because if I sweep them under the carpet they’ll be back to haunt me in one way or another.

  1. What do you need to face about getting older?
  2. What is your inner dialogue at this time?
  3. What can you appreciate about yourself right now?
  4. What are some actions you can take to accept yourself right now?
I used the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot deck for this reading:
 1. What I need to face: 5 of Wands (Saturn in Leo). I need to face that I do take pride in my appearance. I take after my maternal grandmother in this. I’m very human and love to be told I look younger than my years. I suppose I’ll be happy as I look and move like I’m younger than I really am. The sense of smugness that gives me kinda compensates for all the other stuff.

2. My inner dialogue at this point in time is very much centred in my connection with the angels so The Judgement card is apt. I’m actually preparing both spiritually and mentally for getting older. I’d like to become completely identified with my light body in this incarnation. Shoot for the stars, right?

3. What I can appreciate: The 4 of Wands (Venus in Aries) is symbolic of the loving home I have created. I’m a mother, a lover and someone who – hopefully – makes life a bit easier for her nearest and dearest. I feel a tremendous sense of achievement when I think of the fact that my children feel safe and loved. I grew up with so much fear myself.

4. Some actions I can take for myself: This feels synchronistic as I wrote about holistic tarot tips relating to the 7 of Cups only yesterday on the Tarot Healing Facebook page.

Holistic Tarot Tip of the Day. BEING THE PUREST VESSEL. The 7 of Cups is a card of confusion, illusion and delusion. The confusion only clears when we direct our will toward being the purest vessel for love that we can be. This is how we pierce the illusion. Make a Tarot essence with the 7 of Cups and a piece of fluorite. Drink it while visualising anything that keeps you from being a pure vessel for love wash away. Give thanks for the love that you already have today! The more love you radiate, the more comes back to you… ♥ Happy Venus Day!

Basically, looking fabulous will become less important (even though I’ll still own my humanity and pride in my looks). Becoming an embodiment of light and love will be all-important.

While on the topic on ageing gracefully, I wanted to share this picture of my Moggy that I took this morning. He was hanging around while I was doing the reading. I think he really digs the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot. Moggy is an elderly cat gentleman. Cats have this whole ageless thing going for them though. They don’t stop moving gracefully or with pizzazz when they grow older. I want my physical form to be catlike. Keeping my balance and flexibility will be a priority. Nothing ages you more than a stiff gait.



Blessed be!