Find Your Perfect Healing Modality with the Tarot

healing hands

Are you a healer? Have you found the healing modality that is just right for you or do you feel a bit lost with all that is on offer from Spiritual Healing and Reiki to Theta Healing and the Reconnection? Angel Therapy, anyone? Is one modality better than the other or is it just that different modalities work better for certain people? Or maybe you’re meant to blend modalities or even create your own?

When the gift of healing is first activated, it can be quite confusing too. To have your palms heat up intermittently and beginning to feel drawn to place your hands on those in need of healing can be a very odd experience. I was lucky in the sense that Spirit lead me to the right person to ask about this, as I was going through my healing crisis back in 1997-98. He told me I had the gift of healing but that I wasn’t ready to start using it quite yet.

More years passed and my spiritual mentor was right because all my energy was taken up by looking after my children and gradually regaining my own strength after being seriously ill with sarcoidosis.

In 2002 I moved to the UK from Sweden and a whole new world, far removed from the nation of muggles that is my native country. There were so many wonderful metaphysical workshops to attend… I was like a child in a sweet shop.

In 2004/05 I went through the whole NFSH training course in Spiritual Healing and previous to that I had been Reiki attuned to Master Level… and while one of the lovely teachers on that course used both modalities successfully (without blending them) I felt neither were right for me in the end.

Having personal experience of how confusing this journey can be, I decided to create the spread below a while back, hoping it would be a blessing to all who need it…

Which Healing Modality Tarot Spread


Which Healing Modality Sample Tarot Reading

Sample Reading from 2014

1. The nature of my healing gift – The Chariot: I help people with weak identities to align with their Higher Selves in order to develop a well integrated persona. This goes hand in hand with my Chiron in Aries and all the third chakra issues I have been exposed to all my life.

2. How my healing gift is currently expressed – 9 of Pentacles: I feel it is well expressed in the Tarot work I do and that I finally have the support I need to make energy healing part of the services I offer.

3. Future learning that will help me develop – 7 of Wands: Psychic protection and even more well-defined personal boundaries. Any techniques that will strengthen my determination to not take any shit from anyone any more. Anything that develops my confidence so that I am no longer afraid to express what is uniquely mine.

4. How past training thwarted my development as a healer – 7 of Cups: It made me confused. Reiki confused me because of the foreign symbols that you were meant to use and I never felt a need for and the spiritual healing course confused me with the insistence on set hand positions and the requirement to be mentored for a further two years after the one year training course. I’ve known for a while now that I’m meant to do my own thing… but what?!

5. The modality I am meant to use – Death: Really? Death?! Actually it makes perfect sense. In light of the previous cards, this is about spiritual transformation and ego mortification. And in a more literal sense… something I have always been drawn to… facilitating healing for those who are about to pass over.

I pulled a further three cards (see image at top of post) to see if this is a modality I am meant to pioneer and received an unequivocal ‘Yes!’ from the cards. The combination of the Queen of Swords (Libra), Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) and the Ace of Coin also tells me I am meant to write about it.

Blessed Be!