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Are you a healer? Have you found the healing modality that is just right for you or do you feel a bit lost with all that is on offer from Spiritual Healing and Reiki to Theta Healing and the Reconnection? Angel Therapy, anyone? Is one modality better than the other or is it just that different modalities work better for certain people? Or maybe you’re meant to blend modalities or even create your own? Dispel all doubt and use this Tarot spread to find your healing modality!

When the gift of healing is first activated, it can be quite confusing too. To have your palms heat up intermittently and begin to feel drawn to place your hands on those in need of healing can be a very odd experience. I was lucky in the sense that Spirit lead me to the right person to ask about this, as I was going through my healing crisis back in 1997-98. He told me I had the gift of healing but that I wasn’t ready to start using it quite yet.

More years passed and my spiritual mentor was right because all my energy was taken up by looking after my children and gradually regaining my own strength after being seriously ill with sarcoidosis.

Training in Different Modalities

In 2002 I moved to the UK from Sweden and a whole new world, far removed from the nation of muggles that is my native country. There were so many wonderful metaphysical workshops to attend… I was like a child in a sweet shop.

In 2004/05 I went through the whole NFSH training course in Spiritual Healing and previous to that I had been Reiki attuned to Master Level… and while one of the lovely teachers on that course used both modalities successfully (without blending them) I felt neither were right for me in the end.

Having personal experience of how confusing this journey can be, I decided to create the spread below a while back, hoping it would be a blessing to all who need it…

Which Healing Modality Tarot Spread
Which Healing Modality Sample Tarot Reading

Sample Reading from 2014

1. The nature of my healing gift – The Chariot: I help people with weak identities to align with their Higher Selves in order to develop a well-integrated persona. This goes hand in hand with my Chiron in Aries and all the third chakra issues I have been exposed to all my life.

2. How my healing gift is currently expressed – 9 of Pentacles: I feel it the Tarot work I do expresses my healing gift quote well. I also finally have the support I need to make energy healing part of the services I offer.

3. Future learning that will help me develop – 7 of Wands: Psychic protection and even more well-defined personal boundaries. Any techniques that will strengthen my willpower. Anything that develops my confidence so that I am no longer afraid to express what is uniquely mine.

4. How past training thwarted my development as a healer – 7 of Cups: It made me confused. Reiki confused me because of the foreign symbols that you were meant to use and I never felt a need for them. And the spiritual healing course confused me with the insistence on set hand positions and the requirement to be mentored for a further two years after the one-year training course. I’ve known for a while now that I’m meant to do my own thing… but what?!

5. The modality I am meant to use – Death: Really? Death?! Actually, it makes perfect sense. In light of the previous cards, this is about spiritual transformation and ego mortification. And in a more literal sense… something I have always been drawn to… facilitating healing for those who are about to pass over.

Pulling a further three cards (see image above) to see if this is a modality I am to pioneer and the answer is an unequivocal ‘Yes!’ from the cards. The combination of the Queen of Swords (Libra), Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) and the Ace of Coin also tells me I am meant to write about it.

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Dear Lisa, Beautiful reading and very suitable for me now. I still don’t know what I should do with my life careerwise.

    Card 1 is King of Pentacles. I see this as helping other people to take responsibility for their lives. On all levels! Help them enjoy life again and see the beauty in things around them.

    Card 2 is 5 of Pentacles. I am afraid to really let go of old pains and I feel that I am out in the dark without any help. I feel abandoned and alone. Limited in ways to express myself.

    Card 3 future training is Knight of Swords. This card is tricky for me because it is quite a ‘cold’ card. Maybe it is time I confront my own ideas about limitations and really go for everything I long for. It is time I straighten things out instead of waiting around.

    Card 4 Page of Wands. I got too excited with all kinds of ideas and I did not pursue one. It remained with all this ideas without taking the steps to follow through!

    Card 5 is Queen of Pentacles. My gift that reflects the King of Pentacles above but more in a feminine way. Again to let people enjoy their lives again and see what they really have and how beautiful life can be. Giving them strength and a sense of self.

    I pulled three more cards and got 3 of Wands, 3 of Cups and the Moon. This gives me the feeling that I am on the right path to celebrate life and see what comes my way by really getting in touch with my own feelings and fears.

    If you have any insights I really appreciate it, thank you!

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      Hi, yes, I’m getting some kind of nutritional therapy for you. Future training could be completely or partially online with the Knight of Swords. It may not be the only healing modality for you but it will lay a sound foundation. Blessed Be!

      1. Thank you so much. Never thought of that however I have been struggling with an eating disorder most of my life (binge eating) and I finally am getting a grip on that. So actually helping others with this would be very suitable. And seeing the Knight of Swords as doing something online opens up possibilities I haven’t consider yet. Best wishes!

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  2. I see competition, a sense of going for the gold and other people. And maybe a sense of standing my ground? I have not had a lot of support from some people in my life but the cards – actually struggle with some of them but other cards I’ve pulled keep telling me this is the thing for me to shine in.

  3. Hello Again Lisa, I realized I needed to pull a few more cards, so I pulled 3 more – 3 of Pentacles, 6 of Chalices and the World. I believe I am on the right track in working with gemstones. Thanks!

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  4. Lovely spread, Lisa. I pulled the following cards, 1-5: Justice, 7 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, 7 of swords and the 5 of wands. I instinctively knew the 7 of pentacles would show as I make healing jewelry with raw gemstones, but I am a little confused about card 5, the 5 of wands. Thank-you again!

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  5. Hi Lisa,

    I’m an avid follower of your sites, so I was really excited to try this spread, especially since holistic healing is all still on the new side for me-But I have a hard time interpreting readings for myself. I literally go blank, which makes me feel ridiculous- so please bare with me here while I try to:

    1: The nature of my healing gift: Wheel of Fortune-I drew a clarifier on it since I couldn’t really pinpoint exactly what it was pertaining to and I got the Queen of Pentacles; So I took this as possibly helping support others during their up’s and downs in life and help them to adapt and adjust accordingly.

    2: How my healing gift is currently being expressed OR blocked: Hermit-Now, this one was hard because it could honestly go both ways..since I currently have people come to see for readings and guidance (they seeking me out rather than me putting myself out there) OR I could be blocking it by quite literally living up on a mountain side being the epitome of a Hermit (Virgo-Libra cusp, and before I discovered I was an Empath, it’s been my only relief)

    3: Future Training and Learning: 5 of Cups- I’m taking this as needing to heal and move on once and for all from my past and the life I’ve known up till now and accepting that things have changed for me, for the better.

    4: How my past training thwarted my development as a healer: Judgement- I think this one ties in with the future card…poor judgement calls and only fooling myself when I swore to move on from the same mistakes and patterns that we’re getting me nowhere in life excep spinning my wheels and relearning lessons I shouldn’t have had to.

    6: The healing modality I’m meant to use: Strength- Okay, so I really feel like this one should be more obvious to me than it is, but the best I’m getting is gentle, but firm guidance and being strong for those who lack the courage and conviction at the moment to do so for themselves-teaching by support and example maybe?

    I also drew 3 extra cards similar to what you did to ask if my passion for writing and written communications would be something I could tie in with it and I got: Magician, High Priestess and Ace of Cups. I took that as a positive sign.

    I’m mostly just wanting some clarification as to whether or not my interpretation seemed to fit or if I’m way off base especially since I’m unsure of a couple cards. Other than that the 1-Wheel and 5-Strength are my biggest two hang ups I believe.

    Thank you in advanced for your guidance and also for all the wonderful teaching materials you offer as well!

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      Hi Raychel, that’s a perfectly fine interpretation. Grief counselling is a possibility you might wish to consider with the 5 of Cups in the ‘training’ position. Then you use your own God-given gifts in a Strength kind of way to help people heal and centre into their own being (the Wheel is the ability to stay centred through life’s ups and downs). Strength, The Magician and The Sun are cards that tell me that you have what it takes to inven’ your own modality.

      1. Thank you so much for your positive feedback! Grief counseling wasn’t something that occurred to me before that could be an option-but, now that you’ve mentioned it, that’s actually something I’d really feel good about helping others heal from; and possibly being able to create my own someday would be truly amazing. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read and respond to my post and for the added inspiration!

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  6. Hello! I love this spread. I don’t know too much about the different healing modalities. For card #1, I got the Tower-I am positive this is about my spontaneous spiritual awakening..I didn’t know what it was then, just that my world had unraveled in an instant that came out of nowhere like a bolt out of the blue. Now I know it was Kundalini awakening from first hugging my TF, but it was the most profound, “Tower” moment of my life, because I had FELT the truth. I’m not sure exactly what this means though for the nature of my healing gift.
    Card #2 I got 9 of wands, this to me says “spiritual lone wolf” which is exactly what I am at this time. Also that maybe it would be good for me to allow myself to be healed first in some way.
    Card #3 I got 5 of coins, I think learning to talk to and ask for help from my guides, angels, etc. & also perhaps finding a supportive group of some kind.
    Card #4 I got Page of Cups. This makes sense because of the direct knowing I experienced, it has made me begin wading into the ocean that is psychic ability, Magick, spirituality, etc. I have a strong desire now to learn more about these matters.
    Card #5 I got 3 of Swords. I wasn’t surprised exactly to see this one show up, it does that when answering something like “what gifts can I bring into the world?” and such. It has always been a bit confusing to me that this painful card is what the tarot used to describe my “gifts”. How does the 3 of swords translate into a healing modality that I’m meant to use?
    If you have any insight I’d definitely appreciate it, thank you 🙂

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      Hi Liz, the 3 of Swords means helping others overcoming a sense of isolation and it means that you will work from your own deepested woundedness in doing this. Counselling.

  7. Hi! Thank you for this spread! I’ve been wondering which way to go regarding healing as a profession, but I got really confused with the cards I needed the most…I got the Devil as my training/learning and the Sun as the actual modality. Do you think you could help me out? Thank you!

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      The devil is some about some form of Shadow work/addiction counselling. The Sun… well, in the light of what I just said about The Devil, how do you FEEL about The Sun? I see it as a modality that brings joy to people and makes them feel good about themselves. I also see it as something uniquely yours. Often, when we can’t seem to find the right modality for us, it is because it doesn’t exist yet.

  8. I wonder if the death card for you also means helping people work with our connect with their deceased ancestors?
    I just did the spread for myself and while most of the cards make sense I am having trouble deciphering two of them. In position number two I got the four of wands and in position number five I got the seven of cups. Can you give me a little insight about those two?

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      Hi Krysten, yes that is definitely part of it for me. The 4 of Wands could mean that you are using your gift with those who come into your home, rather than reaching out into the world with it. The 7 of Cups as a healing modality is helping people achieve clarity about emotional problems and/or addiction counselling. You are probably already doing this, to a certain extent, as a Tarot reader byt I see hypnotherapy too with this card.

  9. Love this and was surprised by my cards without really being surprised. Perhaps least suprising then to have 4 of cups in second position. Thanks for sharing this spread!

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  10. I like your Death card, in Western, everything surrounding death has been hidden, unspoken. Recently people become more aware of palliative care but from my own experience it doesn’t offer a support needed for people facing the situation, wondering and looking for answer. In main stream treatments it is again about control over client’s body and subdued client’s senses. Honestly, they are not trained to do more so …. Here come people like you. I think that your year of integrity is an important part of it because of drained energy in such work.

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      Thanks Mira. It’s a 13/Death year for me as well… so yeah… the reading above that I did in 2014 hit the nail on the head with the Death Note series that begun in late 2015 and all that will follow. TBH, when I started writing those posts over on I had forgotten all about this reading. Proves the importance of going back over old readings! 🙂

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