Intuitive Two Choices Tarot Spread

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Got a ‘two choices’ type question? This intuitive layout is the Two Choices Tarot spread I use for tuning in and choosing the path that best aligns me with Higher Will. This post is best read after this general post about reading intuitively but feel free to continue reading if you are already used to reading the cards intuitively and without set …

through your lover's eyes tarot spread

Through Your Lover’s Eyes Tarot

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Do you ever wonder how your partner or lover sees you? Does s/he perceive the same strengths and weaknesses that you yourself are aware of or does s/he see things differently? Does your lover know the real you? The Johari Window is a cognitive psychology tool which is aimed at helping you understand your relationship with self and others. It …

Modes of Communication Tarot Spread

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Have you ever started a relationship with someone that you connected with at a very deep level almost instantly? You meet a few times, have a few laughs and then slowly the misunderstandings start creeping in. In spite of the deep connection, you realise that your communication styles are very different from each other, and perhaps…