‘Give me my wings!’ Tarot Spread

ETA 14 July 2020: I no longer use Tarot cards or other divinatory tools. Please read my from Tarot to the Truth Testimony.

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This spread is inspired by the film Maleficent and comes with a spoiler alert so please watch the film before you read on and try this spread!

You can use this spread any time you feel victimised and tempted to strike back. It’s OK to feel the pain deeply but it’s always better to forgive than to seek revenge!

‘Give me my Wings!’ Tarot Spread Positional Meanings

1. Young Maleficent – Your flight path before your wings were stolen
2. Stephan – Who or what stole your wings
3. Aurora – What you must nurture and protect to get your wings back
4. Curse Reversal – Who or what you must let go of to get your wings back
5. True Love’s Kiss – A loving action you can take. Just like Maleficent knew with her heart to kiss Aurora, so will you know exactly what the loving action is you must take if you just behold reality with the eyes of your heart. Your mind may not be able to make logical sense of it and you may not see how this will get you your wings back… Simply trust in LOVE.
6. Maleficent Healed – This shows you the strength of your wings once you are ready to move on again and also which flight path you are likely to choose next.
7. Your Ultimate Destination – This shows you where you will end up so change your flight path if you don’t like your ultimate destination!

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Blessed be!