Golden Dawn Astrological Correspondences for the Tarot Major Arcana

golden dawn astrological tarot correspondences
These are the Major Arcana Astrological correspondences I use in my Tarot readings and Tarot Healing work:
Tarot Card             Planet / Element
The Fool Uranus / Air
The Magician Mercury
The High Priestess The Moon
The Empress Venus
The Emperor Aries
The Hierophant Taurus
The Lovers Gemini
The Chariot Cancer
Strength Leo
The Hermit Virgo
The Wheel of Fortune Jupiter
Justice Libra
The Hanged man Neptune / Water
Death Scorpio
Temperance Sagittarius
The Devil Capricorn
The Tower Mars
The Star Aquarius
The Moon Pisces
The Sun The Sun
Judgement Pluto / Fire
The World / The Universe Saturn / Earth

Note that the addition of three ‘new’ outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) to correspond with the Elemental trumps does not belong in the original Golden Dawn system of correspondences.

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  1. Lisa,

    What are your thoughts on the associations of the four elements to those four keys of the Major Arcana, particularly regarding Fire being assigned to a key ruled by Pluto? What’s the rationale behind it? Wouldn’t The Sun or even Strength be a better fit for it?

    Water for the Hanged Man is a little better, since Neptune rules Pisces (Water), but wouldn’t The Moon or The High Priestess fit even better?

    1. Post

      The Elemental assignments were made before the ‘distribution’ of outer planets to fit with the Trumps. I feel Judgement is a wonderful fit for the Element of Fire/Phoenix energies. The problem is that it then corresponds at once with both Gabriel (depicted on the card), ruler of the Element of Water and Michael, ruler of Fire. You then also have Pluto, ruled by Archangel Azrael…

      Same goes for The Hanged Man, it was the Elemental Trump for Water before it was assigned Neptune – The Moon and the HP were already busy and taken by Pisces and The Moon respectively. You either accept and work with this system or not. It really doesn’t matter, as long as things make sense to you. Personally, I like the GD system of correspondences but that may just be force of habit and having worked with them for the past dozen or so years.

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