The Tree of Life Tarot Healing Technique

Can you use the Tarot for readings about health and wellbeing? Absolutely! You can use the Tarot both for looking into what’s out of whack AND for creating remedies. Although the Tarot should never replace the advice from your medical professional, it works exceedingly well as a complimentary tool.

Golden Dawn Astrological Correspondences for the Tarot Major Arcana

These are the Major Arcana Astrological correspondences I use in my Tarot readings and Tarot Healing work:   Tarot Card             Planet / Element The Fool Uranus / Air The Magician Mercury The High Priestess The Moon The Empress Venus The Emperor Aries The Hierophant Taurus The Lovers Gemini The Chariot Cancer Strength Leo The Hermit Virgo The Wheel of Fortune Jupiter Justice Libra The Hanged man Neptune / Water Death Scorpio Temperance Sagittarius The …