Heal Your Bloodline this Halloween

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Hey Empaths and Intuitives, It is ‘Witchy Wednesday’ here on Angelorum… How about some magic with a Tarot ritual that honours the ancestors and heals your family’s bloodline?

The Bloodline Healing Tarot Ritual is not for the faint of heart and I almost didn’t publish it… but it is nearly Halloween/Samhain (Northern Hemisphere) and I think some of you might find this useful. As always, if this doesn’t resonate with your Path, just bless it and let it go.

In order to get the most out of this Tarot Ritual you need to set the stage by building an altar to your ancestors. On this altar you place pictures or memorabilia of those who have crossed over, along with at least one candle and whatever other tools you like to use when you honour the gods and create ritual space for yourself. You also need a piece of red string, long enough to tie three knots and then to tie around your wrist to wear until the Dark Moon.

You will want to raise your vibration and get yourself into a more receptive state of consciousness. You can do this the shamanic way by drumming until you cross the hedge. I suggest drumming because it is quite easy and straightforward even if you have never journeyed before. If you have no drum, you can spend a few minutes doing breathwork instead. If you are in the habit of casting a circle for your magickal workings, I suggest you do so beforehand. Inside the circle, you are always safe.

I suggest working with a deck that has images that really speak to you… a deck that sings, even. Lay the cards out according to the spread layout below, before you start drumming. Then when you feel the energy shift, look at the cards and allow the messages to come. You may receive visions that are not related to the card images and that is completely safe and fine. It is also fine if you don’t. The messages can be subtle sometimes.

When you feel you have a clear view of the pattern that needs to be released from your family’s DNA, repeat the following chant three times:

I was born to heal and bring back in line
What trauma sundered in my bloodline
With loving support from the dead
I bind it all in with this sacred thread
All is forgiven, all are at peace
We are free to move with grace and ease

So mote it be!

Tie one knot for each time you repeat the chant and then tie the piece of string around your wrist.

Now is the time to just hang out with your loved ones on the other side. Show them your love and leave an appropriate offering on the altar. Flowers, a crystal, feathers, a shot of Jack Daniels… whatever resonates with your family.

When you feel done, you can say your farewells and open the circle with your method of choice. Make a note of your ritual in your journal or Book of Shadows.

Bury the piece of red string at the foot of a healthy old tree on a night of the next Dark Moon. The tree spirit will be the guardian of your bloodline, so leave an offering worthy of this task. You will know which tree to go with because it will call you.

If the prospect of performing this (or any) ritual feels overwhelming but you feel you need healing of your bloodline, I would like to recommend my friend, astrologist, and shamanic healer, Helen Tremeer. She does bloodline healing in a distance healing session so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

Heal Your Bloodline - A Necromantic Tarot Spread

The Necromantic Heal Your Bloodline Tarot Spread

1. How your family trauma is currently affecting your DNA
2. A message from your ancestors
3. How your own past/childhood was affected by the family trauma
4. What skill/learning you can bring forward from your past because of the family trauma
5. What your ancestors want you to know about the future

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

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